Accepting Recognition

Accepting Recognition

“People usually work for money, but they often put in extra effort when they get recognized, praised, or rewarded.” — Dale Carnegie

One thing I struggle with is acknowledging when I’ve done well and deserve some recognition.

You might be wondering, “Why wouldn’t you take credit for what you’ve earned?” Well, it’s not that I refuse to accept recognition; I just don’t always make it known when I deserve some acknowledgment.

I’ve never been great at talking about my own achievements. It’s just not my style. I know it’s different from what most people do—they often take credit for things they didn’t really do. But I’ve always tried to avoid that. The thing is, by not bragging, I sometimes miss out on the recognition I deserve for what I’ve actually accomplished. 

In a recent meeting with my new manager, they asked, “What do you do when you travel?” My response was straightforward: “I chat with the drivers about their work hours and figure out the challenges they’re facing. This way, I can understand the actual problems we’re dealing with out in the field.”

What I really meant to say was, “When I travel, I make an effort to connect with each driver, understanding their worries and finding ways to assist. Spending time with them on-site helps me see firsthand the challenges they face with rules and policies. I prefer involving the field employees in brainstorming solutions to the issues we uncover. Once we’ve got a few ideas, I bring them up in a laid-back meeting with the division managers.” 

While I’m out in the field, I use the time to provide important training for the drivers. I cover essential things like Hours of Service, Telogis, and other DOT-related information that they might not be aware of.

When I’m out in the field, I get to check out their equipment and how well they maintain it. If there are any problems, I deal with them right there on the job site. I’ve come across various issues, from serious ones like employees driving company vehicles without authorization to simpler things. Without visiting these job sites, we wouldn’t have caught these problems until law enforcement stepped in.

Lastly, I make an effort to build relationships. It pays off because when I need something from that division in the future, they’re more likely to lend a hand. Plus, if they have

questions, they’re more inclined to give me a call. These are just a few things on my checklist when I’m on the road.

Which answer do you prefer? Definitely the second one! It explains exactly what I’m doing and what I’m trying to achieve when I’m out there. It gives me the credit I deserve for what’s really happening.

Why didn’t I mention that in the meeting? Who knows. The important thing now is figuring out how to solve the problem. I’ve started using these 5 simple steps to help me out.

I make it a habit to pray before, during, and after my conversations. Asking God for guidance in my talks has made a huge difference. Instead of regretting what I didn’t say after a conversation, I now feel confident that it went just the way it was supposed to. 

Practice genuine listening. I’ve been working on this for a while. Often, when someone speaks, we’re just thinking about our reply. My suggestion is to hear the entire question, take a deep breath, and then respond. If I try to form my answer while they’re still talking, I might miss a crucial part of the question. Plus, they might be acknowledging something I’ve done, and I could miss it if I’m not really tuned in.

Pause and take a deep breath. I do this before answering a question. It helps me organize my thoughts and make sure I give myself the credit I deserve. 

Keep it real. I never exaggerate my answers. If I’m not doing something, I won’t pretend I am. But if I am, I will make sure to share all the details.

Share it all. Even if I think it’s not a big deal, I still mention it. That tiny detail could be what makes me stand out from my colleagues. Better yet, it might inspire a great idea in someone on the team.

Own your achievements without being boastful. It doesn’t mean you brag all the time or take over every meeting to showcase every little detail. When asked, don’t shy away from the truth. You might be surprised at how much recognition you already have from what others have seen you achieve. Remember, you’re not THE team; you’re a crucial part of the team!


Have a Blessed Day 

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Are you qualified?

Are You Qualified?

“God doesn’t choose those who are already qualified; He qualifies the ones He chooses.”

Last night, sitting in our beach house, the kids were scrolling through the available videos. 

They stumbled upon the DreamWorks movie “The Prince of Egypt.” If you haven’t watched it, I’d suggest giving it a try.

It’s a pretty faithful depiction of Moses’s life, up to the moment just after they crossed the sea.

While watching the movie, a few thoughts crossed my mind. First and foremost, God is capable of anything!

When you start feeling down or doubting your ability to achieve what you’ve set out to do, just remember that God can part the Red Sea and bring seven plagues upon the land of Egypt.

He can surely assist you in completing your task, as long as you don’t lose heart.

Another thought that crossed my mind was that people haven’t changed much since the time of Moses.

Consider this… 

Moses convinced the pharaoh to release the Hebrews after years of slavery.

But when they reached the Red Sea, they all started turning on him! 

“Why did you bring us out of Egypt just to die out here?” was just one of the things they said.

And they did it again, just after crossing the Red Sea. 

“Why did you bring us out of Egypt to wander the desert and die out here???”

As humans, we often lose sight of the blessings God has given us, even if He granted us something amazing just yesterday!

The last thing that struck me is that God doesn’t choose those already qualified; instead, He qualifies the ones He calls.

What I’m getting at is that Moses wasn’t inherently qualified to lead the people of Israel. He struggled with speech and had a lot of self-doubt.

I mean, he literally asked God to find someone else to speak on his behalf to the Pharaoh and the Hebrews.

God didn’t choose Moses because he was already qualified.
It was actually the complete opposite!! So, the next time you feel unqualified for what you’re called to do, remember that God doesn’t choose those already qualified; He qualifies the ones He calls!

Take action!

Today, I encourage you to take a moment and read Moses’s story.

After reading (or listening to) it, take a moment to think about all you’ve accomplished. Reflect on whether you were initially qualified for those tasks or if you became qualified by accomplishing them.

Next, consider what it means to have a herd mentality, where you simply follow what everyone else is doing.

Now, take a moment to reflect on the times that made you qualified. Were they because you followed the herd, or did you think outside the box and break away from the crowd?

A little more?

Do we actively select our missions, or do our missions sometimes choose us? When I became a CLD tester, I was confident that I had chosen my mission.

But looking back on that “choice,” I’m not so certain that I chose that mission. It might have chosen me!

The more I reflect on it, I am certain that IT chose me.

I might have thought, “It would be nice to make a couple of hundred dollars a week to start with. Or perhaps it would be nice to be recognized as a CDL tester in our community.”

Was I initially qualified to be a CDL tester when I first started considering it?

Absolutely not! 

I was a decent driver, but I lacked the people skills needed to be an excellent tester.

I can still recall the first few tests I conducted.

In one instance, as the tester, I said, “Up ahead, pull the truck over to the right side of the road and secure it as if we were going to get out and check something at the rear of the vehicle.”

In the beginning, well, more like the first year, when I instructed the driver to pull over, they would often look at me and ask, “Did I do something wrong?” 

Now, I’ve learned how to communicate it in a way that doesn’t make them wonder if they’ve done something wrong.

My point here is that initially, I wasn’t a qualified tester, but now I am overqualified and have assisted many others in becoming qualified CDL testers.

Eclipse DOT follows a similar path.

When I launched the business, was I qualified to be a business owner? 

Absolutely not!

However, I felt a calling to run this business, so I did my best.

Now, three years later, I still might not be fully qualified, but I am much more equipped for the job than when I started.

The same holds true for God’s first life!

When embarking on a new project, we typically aren’t initially qualified to accomplish it.

But as it progresses, we often become more than qualified for that project, as long as we put in the effort and give it our best shot!

The next time you think you can’t do something because you don’t know how to do it, just remember that no one is qualified when they are called to start a new project.

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Be Thankful

Be Thankful

“Make it a habit to be thankful for every good thing that happens to you, and keep expressing gratitude consistently. Since everything has played a part in your progress, remember to be grateful for all of it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s not always easy to be thankful! 

We had a family friend visit us recently. They’re great, and we have a lot of fun when they’re here.

Sometimes, I forget why they visit.

It’s not just for the cool adventures we have, like visiting over 15 national parks and numerous state parks across the country.

It’s not because they need a break from work and have nowhere else to go.

It’s because they want to see us and spend time together. 

They see us as family. Sometimes, I forget that.

I forget that they’re not just here for an adventure. I don’t always appreciate that they made the effort to come and see us. 

Instead, it sometimes feels like they’re taking advantage of us. It seems like they’re relying on us to cover all the expenses. 

I often lose my gratitude for the busyness. It happens to me a lot. 

I sometimes forget the actual reason we’re doing something and get caught up in things that don’t really matter. 

My caring wife often reminds me to be grateful for what we have and where we are.

It’s not always easy to be thankful. In fact, it’s much easier to focus on the negative side of everything. That’s what the devil wants us to do.

He wants us to feel sad and angry. That’s when he succeeds. Honestly, I let him win too much. 

Today, I want to encourage everyone to see the good side of the situation they’re in. 

If you’re super busy, be thankful for having lots to do. If you’re traveling a lot, be grateful for having the means to go.

If you’re thinking about starting a business, be grateful for the chance to do it. 

If you recently left a bad relationship, whether at work or personally, be glad you’re not there anymore. I could keep giving examples, but I think you understand the idea.

Be thankful for where you are; God placed you here for a reason. He put the people around you for a reason, and He gave you those ideas for a reason too.

You’re awesome, amazing, and destined for success. Be part of the 1% who are always happy and grateful for where they are.

I didn’t say it would be easy, but you can do it. Try to find the positive side of every situation as soon as you can.

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Being nice can get you what you want

Being nice can get you what you want

Hey everyone, it’s me, Dan Greer, coming into your life from the sunny backyard of our cozy vacation spot just outside Dallas, Texas. We’re on the job, handling the task of moving more than 230 titles after a recent company merger. And the cool part? We’re making business seem enjoyable!

Today is the start of our Lone Star journey, and I’ve got a special trick for success called “Introduction Day.” It’s when we dive in, meet the important people, and make sure everything runs as smoothly as a Texan two-step.

I’ve been through a lot, and here’s the key advice I’ve found: Spend time connecting with people who can make things happen, and your journey will become much easier.

We set our alarms early and strolled into the office a whole ten minutes before our planned time because, let’s be honest, being on time is my thing. Without wasting any time, we jumped right into the work. Why? We’d already had a chat with the important people in the company.

Here’s a helpful tip: When you have a goal, don’t waste time. Show that you’re fully committed to getting the job done quickly. It’s not just about respecting their time; it’s about showing you’re serious about your work.

After preparing a good bunch of around 25 titles, we headed to the vehicle registration office. But hang on, folks; we took a scenic detour and ended up at the wrong office not once, but twice! It’s a classic mix-up, isn’t it?

But sticking with it really works. Eventually, we hit success, waited in line, chatted casually with the clerks, and smiled warmly. That’s when we met Mrs. Stacy, the expert on handling batches of titles.

Guess what? She said, “Oh, we’re not new to these titles. We’ve done this dance before!”

I thought everything would be easy, but Mrs. Stacy surprised me. She said, “Yep, someone tried this a while back, but the paperwork was messier than a rolling weed in a dusty storm, and there are taxes to deal with.”

You could see she was a bit worried, thinking we might be up to something tricky. So, I used my big smile to calm her down. I told her we just wanted to make things easier for them and needed some help to finish the task.

Mrs. Stacy called the boss, and they joined in, using a bright red marker. They marked our papers with a lot of energy, like rounding up cattle, and said, “Here’s what needs fixing!”

I asked a couple more questions, still smiling a lot, and bit by bit, Mrs. Stacy became friendlier. She said, “Here’s what’s really going on. If you make these changes, we can work together on this. Just a few fixes, and we’ll be on the same page.” 

“Great! Can I come by later today with a few things for you to check, so we can keep this big party going?”

“Sure, we’d love to help you get things on track. Thanks for being easy to work with!” We gave one more smile and said goodbye, promising to come back for another round of “Super Bros. Smash Party.’ (You know I love a good laugh.)

The next time I walked in, I waved at the lady behind the counter. She stopped what she was doing and gave me a really cheerful wave back. It wasn’t just a regular wave-like, “Oh great, he’s back.” It was more like, “Hi friend, so happy to see you again!”

I waited patiently for her to finish helping another customer. While waiting, I chatted casually with her colleagues. When she was finally free, we had a good conversation. She was really friendly and even asked me some personal questions. I answered with a big, sincere smile.

She looked closely at my papers and said, “I just need one more sheet for this. Can you get it?”

“Let me check really fast. Can I step away for a quick call?” “Sure, take your time, and I’ll be here to help.”

I called, got the form, and asked if I could email it. She kindly gave me her work email, and I sent it right away. 

She said, “Come back this afternoon, and we’ll take care of everything for you.”

So, we rushed back to the office, working late into the night to prepare the remaining 200 titles for the big showdown. Now, you might be wondering, “Dan, this is an exciting story, but why be kind to others to get what you need?” Well, my dear readers, it’s all about understanding the unspoken messages.

We walked into a tough situation where people were upset, like the feeling you get from a Texas sunset. By just being really nice to everyone on that important first day, we got almost everyone on our side, ready to grab success.

The key here is being real. If you’re fake or give fake compliments, you’re as lost as a tumbleweed in the desert. It has to be genuine. As I sit here thinking about the day, I’m truly amazed by what we achieved just by being kind and giving honest compliments.

Here’s the important thing to remember today: Be nice and give real compliments. I guarantee you can find at least ten kind things to spread around you today. Heck, on most days, I can do that in about ten seconds!

In conclusion, let me share this: Initially, we had planned a three-week stay in Dallas to complete this project. But, thanks to our actions and the way we harmonized with others, we wrapped it up in less than two weeks!

To wrap it all up, we don’t take credit for that; we tip our Stetsons to the Big Guy upstairs. Without His guidance, this wouldn’t have been achievable. We recognize He’s the reason for everything, the beacon lighting our path.

So, my friends, wrapping it all up, I’m signing off with this message: Attribute all the good in your life to God. Catch you on the flip side!

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Blessings are all around us

Blessings are all around us

“God can give you all the grace you need, so that you will always have everything you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause.” – 2 Corinthians 9:8

Hi, it’s your friend Dan Greer, and I’ve got some cheerful wisdom for you, just like a sunny day at a San Diego beach!
As I sit here looking at the ocean, I feel really lucky. Picture this: I’m relaxing on the deck of an amazing beach house in lovely San Diego, where each day ends with a breathtaking sunset created by God.
A little while back, we went tide pooling, and guess what? Some cool kids found an octopus! They not only found it but also shared the discovery with other kids, making memories that will stick around.
But here’s the real treasure, folks. Blessings aren’t just about trips and perfect moments. They’re a way of thinking.
Let’s go back to when Jenna and I were tight on money (excuse my language, but it’s true). Even back then, I felt lucky. Why? I had an amazing life partner, someone I could argue with and grow alongside.
Jump ahead to our little ones, our kids. Every day with them is a blessing, even when they’re having their usual sibling arguments. Blessings, you know, depend on how you look at things.
When our business throws us some tough challenges, I consider it a blessing. These difficulties aren’t curses; they’re chances for us to get better. Always remember, God doesn’t only choose people who are already skilled; He helps and qualifies those He chooses!
Now, coming back to what I want to say—being blessed isn’t about reaching a place or having lots of things. It’s about how you think and choose to see the good things in life. 

And you know what? It’s entirely up to you whether you feel blessed or not. No one else gets to decide that. It’s all in your hands.
Some people might think having a business is a bad thing, but not me! For me, working on our business has been a continuous blessing, even in the middle of all the daily chaos.

Talking about blessings, here’s something new I learned from my amazing partner, Jenna. We decided to try deep-sea fishing as a family, a first for most of us (except Jenna, who did it when she was a kid).
After about an hour on our adventure, Nathen decided to feed the fish (if you know what I mean). Then, half an hour later, Jenna also joined in. Well, about an hour and a half later, I thought, “Why not join the fun too?”

Now, Jenna, with all her kindness, has surpassed us all in the fish-feeding part. But what surprised me even more was her attitude. As we got off the boat, her first words were, “That was so much fun; I’m so glad we went—what a blessing!”
As for me, I was still trying to get used to standing on solid ground again, but Jenna’s positive view that everything was a blessing stuck with me.

Now, let’s get things done, my friends.
Remember those times when good things happened but you didn’t notice? Can you think of any? I definitely can, like when I got seasick recently (still feeling a bit wobbly, ha!).
Take a moment to stop and thank God for those blessings, even the ones that weren’t right in front of you.
Take care, my friends! And always remember, feeling blessed is a choice you make every single day.
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Core Values and how to find what yours are.

Core Values and How to Find What Yours Are

Lately, I have had the fantastic chance to be part of a mastermind group in Cancun, Mexico.

When I say it was fantastic, I’m not kidding. We spent around 4–6 hours a day learning from experts in various industries. After that, we had the rest of the day to explore the area and the resort.

During our time there, I filled over 19 pages with notes!


And on top of that, we did some fantastic exercises that helped me see things differently and prepared me to reach the next goals I had already set.

Before, I used to look at those goals, and I had some big personal and external beliefs that made it seem impossible to achieve them.

We could delve into those beliefs, but we don’t have that much time. LOL. One of the most important things I learned from this week-long experience is that you have to dream big!

But before dreaming big, you need to identify your core values. Russell Brunson had us do an exercise that made figuring out my core values simple.

Do you want to know what it was? Okay, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise to do it. Right now! 

Here’s the deal. Grab a pad of sticky notes and clear your desk. If you don’t have sticky notes, it’s fine. Just cut some paper into small squares or rectangles (the shape doesn’t matter).

Alright, now what I want you to do is write down everything you enjoy. Use one sticky note for each thing.

Here are some of mine to give you some ideas:

Embarking on epic family board game battles, savoring succulent steaks that melt in your mouth, spontaneous trips to the vibrant beaches of San Diego, catching thrilling waves while surfing the ocean’s rhythm, indulging in nightly shows with Jenna that whisk you away before sleep takes over, soaring through the skies with the wind in your hair, nurturing personal growth like a well-tended garden, getting lost in the pages of captivating books, joyfully aiding others in their quest for knowledge, cultivating flourishing businesses, extending a helping hand to fellow entrepreneurs, and proudly investing in the future by supporting 4-H animals at the fair – these are the vibrant threads that weave the tapestry of our extraordinary life.

I believe you understand. Now, set a timer for 3 minutes and jot down as many as you can. Pro Tip: Instead of using a timer, pick a motivational song and write until the song is over.

Here’s a description of how mine turned out:

Great work! Now, organize those sticky notes into groups, aiming for about 5–6 groups. These are your core values—the things that bring you the most joy.

Here’s what makes me happy:

  1. Family Fun: Having a blast with family adventures!
  2. Wanderlust Moments: Exploring new places and making travel stories.
  3. Mastermind Builder: Creating amazing things in the business world.
  4. Community Cheers: Sharing and caring with the people around.
  5. Wellness Wonderland: Keeping the mind and body in great shape.
  6. Divine Connection: Taking care of the soul and enjoying the journey with the divine.

I bet some of those surprised me too! I had no clue I was into health! Russell Brunson calls these “hall of fame goals,” but I prefer to call them my core values.

They’re my core values because, when someone looks at my life, I want these things to stand out more than anything else. If you go back and check my Facebook profile, I bet you can see this. I’d also wager that you can notice how my core values have shifted in the last 10+ years. So, here’s what I want you to do!

After you complete the exercise, think about your life. Consider what a total stranger would see when they stumble upon your profile and don’t know anything about you.

Here are the core values of my company, written out.

Our company is based on five core values that are at the heart of everything we do: extreme ownership, community, hard work, integrity, and personal and professional growth!
Eclipse DOT leads the transportation community. We assist people in building, growing, and expanding their businesses to levels they’ve only dreamed of.

At Eclipse DOT, family is important to us. We care about our team’s families and the families in our community! We understand that, without the support of those close to us, real growth is not possible. Communities are vital in our lives. Eclipse DOT supports the development and growth of communities. We promote community growth through networking and building new connections.

At Eclipse DOT, we promote not just a healthy lifestyle but also a healthy mindset for everyone on our team. Why? Because our mind is our most powerful tool. Here’s a fun fact: Your brain is only 2% of your body weight but gobbles up 20% of your daily calories. So, eat well and get your daily exercise!
Travel brings excitement to our lives. We motivate our entire team to travel several times a year. We also encourage our community to embark on adventures, not just to our events but also to enjoyable and thrilling destinations. At Eclipse DOT, we believe that God is the reason for everything. He provides us with ideas, guidance, and the strength to persevere. God is a significant part of our company, influencing our culture and values. We also respect that it’s okay if you don’t share the same beliefs as us. Can you see how these connect directly to my core values? Now, go out there, discover your values, and share them with the world!

PS: If you ever need help getting something done, just start writing a blog. You’ll have to finish it then! That’s what happened to me.

LOL. Keep the rubber side down and have a great week!

Dan Greer

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Dream So Big It Scares Others!


“Persist in pursuing your true desires. The one with big dreams holds more power than the one with all the facts.”

Lately, I’ve been tuning in to Shark Tank. In case you’re not familiar, it’s a TV show where folks with a business idea try to convince a group of 5–6 investors, known as “sharks,” to buy a share of their business.

In exchange, they get a business buddy who puts money into their company. After that, they work on making their business bigger and better. Since I’m an entrepreneur too, I like watching and picking up lessons from each pitch on the show.
Some products or businesses seem promising when introduced, and I can see their potential. On the other hand, there are some products that make you wonder how anyone could believe they’re a good business idea. It’s hard to imagine that they could ever succeed!
When I watch the show, it makes me think about our business. I started thinking about the things we could do and where we wanted to go with them. It gets me a bit excited, but also a bit scared. I have this incredible gift from God—I can dream really big. Seriously!

I dream so big that it scares most people when they ask me about our business goals. One of my dreams is to create a conference center that looks like a truck. I know what you’re thinking—Dan, that sounds awesome!
Oh, you didn’t think that? What’s going on? I’ve had this dream for a while. The other day, I was checking social media and found a guy drawing truck pictures. It was cool. I love dreaming big, and this idea just clicked with me. I can’t wait to see where it goes!
I asked him how much he’d charge to make special pictures of our customers’ trucks. I just wanted to know the cost of creating custom images, you know, for their trucks.

Why not? Later, as we got closer, I asked if he could make a picture of my upcoming event center.
Surprisingly, he was eager to make it! We discussed what I wanted, he suggested an idea, and then we made some adjustments together.

I made some additional adjustments to the picture, and then I made a few more changes. I decided to include some elk in the picture, just for fun. Lol.
He added lights to the building and sent it back to me. I loved it! What did I do next? I got the picture printed on a canvas to hang up in my office and enjoy it every day.
Every day, I get to see my dream come true! Each time I look at it, I take a moment to think about the future. Many would just have the idea, but I’ve turned it into a reality.

Not me, though. I acted on the idea, taking the first step toward creating something amazing!
The other day, my family and I had a good laugh while watching an animated movie at home. The film featured superheroes and villains, making it an enjoyable time together.
In the movie, a billionaire launches a rocket from his house. My son Nathen asked, “Dad, where’s your rocket? Every billionaire needs one!” It made me laugh, imagining a rocket in our house. Kids have a way of turning movies into funny, real-life moments.
We burst into laughter. If you’re curious about how my future events center will look, check out the picture above. It gives you a glimpse of what I envision.
I want to inspire you to dream big! Imagine goals so huge that they make everyone around you a bit nervous!
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Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything Happens for a Reason

What you’re experiencing right now is showing you that you really can do this.

Lately, I’ve been navigating a series of challenging moments. I’ll highlight a few to give you a sense of what I mean.

During a recent visit to a small town in Texas, I had a rental car reservation, but they had already given it away by the time I arrived. To make matters worse, they didn’t have any additional cars available for me.

I had to rent a U-Haul to go to and come back from the job site, which was an hour away by car.

I was close to getting my pilot’s license for a plane with two engines. My instructor, who used my plane to get his multi-engine certification, suddenly decided he didn’t want to teach anymore.

I had to search all over the country to find a new instructor who could help me with multi-engine training. During this, I had to show the new instructor that I knew what I was doing all over again.

Some clients think using my money to support their businesses is fine. We purchase permits for them, but it often takes them several months (or even years for a few) to pay us back. 

It’s not a big problem, but if you can’t afford it, just don’t do it. The other day, someone reminded me to be thankful for everything that happens. 

Even if it’s unpleasant! Then they went on to give me this advice: “Since you want more in your business than what you have now, the challenges you’re facing are giving you the chance to show yourself that you CAN DO THIS.”

I stopped and sent that message immediately. Then I looked up and said, “God, I know you have a plan. I tell everyone that things happen for a reason. So, thanks for helping me learn this lesson. If you could help me learn it faster, that’d be great.” Here’s the thing: We all want to achieve more tomorrow than we do today. 

We aim to be better Christians and live better lives. Sometimes, we want more responsibilities, and other times, we wish for fewer. Every situation God puts us in is for our benefit; it makes us stronger. However, it can be tough while we’re in the middle of the lesson. 

As I write this, I’m sitting on the balcony of our rental house in Pismo Beach, CA, looking at the Pacific Ocean. Yesterday, I was in the water playing with the kids. We had our boogie boards and had a lot of fun catching waves. 

While doing that, I looked around and took a moment to thank God for giving me the strength to get into this cold water. I also thanked Him for letting me trust that my kids would be okay playing in the water.

 When I was a kid, we never went to the ocean because my dad was really scared of the water. His favorite thing to say was, “I don’t take baths because people die in the bathtub.” Another one I liked was, “I’ll get in as long as it doesn’t get above my ankles.”

And he really means both things he says. On a different note, I recall the first time I went to the ocean that I can remember. It was with Jenna. We were seniors in high school and met her family in California to visit Disneyland. Jenna and I went a day early so we could go to the ocean. 

I instantly loved the waves and the hugeness of what God made. We were playing in the waves when suddenly I couldn’t touch the bottom anymore.

I totally panicked. Meanwhile, Jenna calmly stood up and said, “Hey, you can touch; just stand up!” 

After the lifeguard pulled me back to shore, I felt a bit embarrassed. I mean, what kind of “man” would freak out just because they could touch the bottom?

We didn’t go into the water for the rest of that day. Skip ahead a few years, when we had the kids and returned to the ocean again.

We hurried to San Diego to visit SeaWorld but got there too early. Who knew that things in the city didn’t open until 10 a.m.? 

Not me when I was young! Lol. So, we chose to go see the ocean. When we arrived, I only allowed the kids to get their feet wet.

I’m completely sure. Jenna thought, “Oh my goodness, I married Dan’s dad when it comes to water!”

Later in the trip, we went to the ocean again because the kids really wanted to. Up near LA, we returned to the beach. We ended up spending several days there because the kids enjoyed it so much.

During the first trip, I kept the kids close to me. I vividly remember telling them that if they went too far, they were out and playing in the sand, no questions asked.

Jump ahead a year later, and we’re playing in the ocean in San Diego again. I allowed the kids a bit more space, but they still had to stay close.

Now, let’s go to yesterday. I’m sitting on the beach, telling myself that I just need to get over it and join them. They’re out there catching waves and having a blast.

God got me ready for that situation. My kids and I are still careful, but we know our limits, and each time we push them, they expand a bit further.

Just like the situations we’re facing right now! God wanted me to rent that U-Haul. He wanted me to find a new flight instructor, and he wanted me to do everything. I just had to accept that he was in control, and he was right.

It’s time to do something.

Today, think about a situation you don’t really like. You can even think it’s terrible. That’s okay. Now, just give it to God.

 Say the prayer below and give it all to God with your whole heart. Trust that He will give you the right answer for your situation. In the future, when things get tough, I want you to do the same. 

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Faith it till you make it

Faith, It Till You Make It

Step into the courage you’ve lacked to become the person you aspire to be. Over time, you’ll realize you’ve always been that person. Until it’s clear, embrace pretending and inventing. Paulo Coelho

How can you maintain faith until success? We’ve all heard of faking it till you make it, but that’s not a mantra I could embrace. Staying true to oneself seemed more genuine and worthwhile on my journey.

Using money, you don’t possess means squandering time that could be better utilized. Creating an illusion of success for others while you’re descending further into difficulties. It’s a cycle of deception and decline.

Faking things has never been my strong suit. If you don’t enjoy it, just skip it. There’s this saying that if what you’re doing doesn’t bring joy, you might be on the wrong track. Ever heard that? It’s a good reminder to find happiness in what you do.

How does having faith until success differ from pretending until success? When you have faith, you trust in God to provide what you need for success, relieving yourself of the pressure to achieve it independently. You let God handle the burden, placing your confidence in divine support on the journey to success.

I’m not suggesting you simply wait, saying, “If it’s God’s will, it’ll happen.” My grandma’s fridge had a saying: “All things come to those who wait, as long as they work hard while waiting.” It’s about combining patience with effort for success.

As a kid, I didn’t grasp the saying. Growing older, I observed others aiming for success, and it clicked. If you don’t put in the effort, God can’t bless you. Working for your goals opens the door for divine blessings, a realization that dawned on me with time and observation.

Winning the race or hitting a home run doesn’t happen by staying on the sidelines or in the dugout. To have a shot at success or even face failure, you must actively participate in the game. Fear often holds us back from taking the leap, preventing us from embracing opportunities and challenges that come our way.

Having faith until you make it means trusting that, whether you win or lose, you’re actively participating and giving it your best shot in the game. 

I encourage you to do this now. Look at where you are in life. Is it what you expected? Do you have what you thought you would? If the answer is no, acknowledge it. Whether you lack much or expect to be further, it’s a moment to reflect and consider what changes or efforts can shape your path ahead.

Pause and reflect on moments where you lacked faith in the outcome. Examine instances where you chose to give up instead of persevering.

Thomas Edison persisted through 9000 attempts before successfully inventing the lightbulb. Imagine if he quit after the first, hundredth, or even the thousandth tries. What if he threw his hands up, saying, “I give up”? His determination highlights the importance of resilience and not giving up on our goals, no matter how challenging they seem.

Initially, he might not have known where to begin. Perhaps he followed unproductive paths. Eventually, he might have thought, “I can’t do this.” It illustrates the common challenges one faces while navigating uncertainty and finding the right direction toward success.

He held onto faith in his project and mission, persistently trying to figure things out. Reflecting on past obstacles, let’s now focus on the future. What projects are you currently working on? It’s a moment to consider your goals and keep moving forward with determination and purpose.

Do you have any big, scary projects on the horizon? If yes, like mine, let’s have faith until we make it together. Before diving in, let’s say a quick prayer to ensure we’ve got the right support team on our side.

Let’s trust that we’re the right fit for the job. We were picked because we can get it done. When things don’t go smoothly, we stay strong. If the first video fails, we step back in front of the camera and try again. Never give up; persistence is key!

Finally, when we achieve success, take a moment to express gratitude where it’s deserved. Thank our support system and those who helped us where we faltered. Show appreciation to those who contributed ideas.

Most importantly, thank the higher power for granting the faith to complete the project successfully. Let’s go out there and keep the faith until we make it!

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Find A Way

Find a Way

When we try, we can always find a solution to make things work.

Take a few moments to read these verses.

A few guys brought a man who couldn’t move his body on a small bed and wanted to show him to Jesus. But they couldn’t get through the crowd blocking the door. So, they climbed up on the roof, made a hole, and lowered the man down with ropes, right in front of Jesus. Luke 5:18–19

These guys were carrying the paralyzed man, maybe about 6–10 of them. They wanted to reach Jesus in the crowd so the paralyzed man could be healed. But they couldn’t push through the crowd. So, they started searching for another way to get him to Jesus. Then, one of them had an idea: “Let’s carry him up onto the roof and lower him down!

At that moment, some guys started to feel unsure. They said, “No, it won’t work.” Now, there were only 4-5 guys left to help. One climbed up on the roof and started making a hole. Meanwhile, a couple of others figured out how to get the paralyzed man up on the roof. Yet another group started working on a way to lower him down.

I imagine one of them stayed with the paralyzed man, keeping him updated. Like a sports announcer, saying, “Jim made it up onto the roof and found a good spot. Now he’s taking off the cover. Oh, Ben and Mike found some long poles, and they’re setting them up like an A to lift you. Here comes John with some rope.”

Do you feel how exciting this is? Everyone is working together for the same goal! Here’s something interesting: None of these guys who are still helping would give up.

When the crowd blocked them, they searched for a different way. Even when their first plan failed, they didn’t give up. They kept searching and searching until they found a way that worked.

Many times, when things get hard, we quit. We give up and say, “I can’t do it,” or “It’s impossible.”

The truth is, it’s possible! If you believe that God is helping you, you can do anything!

Today, we want to tell you to never quit. When things get hard, you need to get stronger and find a solution to make it work. Never give up! With God, everything is possible.


Dear God, today we ask for strength. Strength to stay strong even when things don’t go as we planned. Strength when we can’t seem to find a solution. God, we believe in your greatness, and we know that with you, all things are possible. We understand that you are working through us, and we are grateful to be part of your mission. Help us recognize your presence and assistance. Just like the stonecutter who kept swinging until the 102nd swing broke the stone and revealed an amazing geode. What if he had stopped at 50, 75, or even 101 swings? He never knew how close he was until it broke open. Give us the same strength to keep going and never give up. Thank you, Lord, for everything you have done for us. Amen.

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Leading with perseverance

Leading With Perseverance

Perseverance, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, encapsulates the notion of persisting in a task despite encountering difficulty or delay in achieving success. In the realm of business, this definition resonates deeply with the everyday struggles and triumphs we encounter.

Picture a typical day in the whirlwind of business operations. It often feels like a saga of setbacks and delays, where nothing seems to go according to plan. Yet, amidst the chaos, there’s an unwavering determination to press forward, fueled by the knowledge that the work must be completed, regardless of the obstacles encountered along the way.

For me, perseverance embodies the unwavering commitment to seeing a task through to its conclusion, irrespective of the challenges that arise. It’s akin to planting a seed, tending to it diligently, nurturing its growth despite the persistent presence of weeds, and eventually reaping a bountiful harvest. Perseverance isn’t about succumbing to adversity; it’s about confronting it head-on, with a steadfast resolve that knows no bounds.

Thomas Edison, a paragon of perseverance, famously remarked, “I haven’t failed; I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” His words encapsulate the essence of perseverance, illustrating the relentless pursuit of a goal despite countless setbacks and failures.

As leaders, perseverance isn’t just a desirable trait; it’s a fundamental necessity. Imagine the repercussions of abandoning a project midway through. Such a lack of resolve can permeate throughout the team, sowing seeds of doubt and inertia that stifle progress. Leaders devoid of perseverance merely occupy managerial positions, lacking the fortitude to inspire and propel their teams forward.

In my view, perseverance stands as the linchpin that determines the fate of a business. It’s the force that propels a small business owner towards the echelons of success, transforming humble beginnings into illustrious achievements. The ability to weather storms and navigate through adversity is what sets businesses apart in a competitive landscape.

The theme of perseverance reverberates in the corridors of business and the annals of history and literature. Consider the biblical tale of Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers yet rising to prominence through sheer resilience and fortitude. Despite enduring betrayal and imprisonment, Joseph’s unwavering spirit ultimately led him to ascend to a position of power and influence.

In essence, perseverance isn’t merely a virtue; it’s a catalyst for transformation and growth. It’s the bedrock upon which success is built, forging a path toward achievement amidst the trials and tribulations of the journey. As leaders, let us embrace the spirit of perseverance, knowing that it is the driving force that propels us towards greatness, against all odds.

Nevertheless, he persisted. In a remarkably short span, he ascended to a position of authority within the prison, second only to the guards. His talents as an interpreter of dreams soon became evident as he offered insights to fellow inmates. However, despite these acts of kindness, his remarkable abilities went unnoticed by those in positions of power.

Undeterred, Joseph maintained his resilience. With each passing day, he continued to demonstrate his unwavering strength of character. Then, as fate would have it, an opportune moment arose when Pharaoh himself sought interpretation for his troubling dreams. Without hesitation, Joseph stepped forward, offering clarity and insight that left Pharaoh astounded.

In a twist of fate, Pharaoh elevated Joseph to the esteemed position of second-in-command, granting him authority over the entire kingdom. It was a testament to Joseph’s perseverance and unwavering resolve in the face of adversity.

The story of Joseph serves as a powerful reminder that perseverance is the cornerstone of success. Despite facing numerous setbacks, including betrayal by his own family and unjust imprisonment, Joseph never wavered in his determination. His ability to endure and overcome adversity ultimately led to his triumph.

In the same vein, we are encouraged to draw strength from Joseph’s example. Regardless of the challenges we may face, we can take solace in the knowledge that perseverance paves the path to victory. Just as Joseph remained steadfast in the face of adversity, so too can we weather the storms that life throws our way.

So, as we navigate the trials and tribulations of life, let us take inspiration from Joseph’s unwavering resolve. Remember that no matter how daunting the obstacles may seem, perseverance will ultimately lead us to triumph. Until next time, stay strong and resilient, keeping steadfast on the journey ahead.

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Learning The Languages Of Love

Learnings The Languages Of Love

As you might already know, I am a devoted Christian and the father of four kids. My wife, Jenna, has been by my side for over 16 years, and I feel incredibly blessed that she hasn’t given up on me.

A few years ago, we came across Dr. Gary Chapman’s book “The 5 Love Languages,” and it transformed our relationship. It prompted us to be more deliberate in nurturing our entire relationship and, honestly, in our interactions with those around us as well.

Let’s dive into understanding the five love languages and what they signify:

1. Physical Touch: This language speaks volumes through physical gestures like hugs or handshakes. People who resonate with this language feel most loved and connected through physical contact. For some, playfulness, like roughhousing, can also be a sign of affection.

2. Words of Affirmation: This language thrives on verbal expressions of love and appreciation. Being told how much you mean to someone or hearing words of gratitude can deeply resonate with individuals who value this language. For instance, acknowledging and thanking your partner for doing household chores can be a meaningful gesture.

3. Gifts: Feeling loved through gifts isn’t about the monetary value but the thoughtfulness behind them. It could be as simple as a handpicked flower, a gift card, or homemade jam. What matters most is feeling appreciated and understood through the act of gifting.

4. Acts of Service: This language is about actions that demonstrate care and consideration, such as folding laundry or assisting with tasks. It’s not about doing everything for someone but rather showing kindness through helpful deeds.

5. Quality Time: Quality time is about undivided attention and meaningful interactions. Spending focused time together, engaging in shared activities, or having deep conversations are key ways to connect with individuals who value quality time as their love language.

You’ve probably figured out that this love language is all about spending meaningful time with others. It’s not just being in the same room while on different devices, but truly engaging in quality conversations and interactions.

After reading the book, we made a conscious effort to change our behavior toward each other. We became more deliberate and intentional in our actions. Knowing that my wife’s primary love language is quality time, we started taking more walks together. I make it a point to set aside my phone and turn off my computer when she comes to spend time with me.

Recognizing that my primary love language is physical touch, she now makes an effort to hold my hand or gently rub my arm more often.

The key point I want to emphasize is that when we are intentional in our actions and thoughts, it’s remarkable how much improvement we can achieve in a short span of time.

As we’ve become adept at speaking each other’s love languages, our relationship has significantly improved. We’ve also begun to understand and speak the love languages of not just our children but also our friends and other families, fostering better connections all around.

I apply this approach to clients too. As we build a deeper connection, some clients appreciate a handshake every time we meet or part ways, while others value hearing expressions of gratitude. Some prefer me to drop a location pin whenever I stop by, and others enjoy impromptu visits just for a friendly chat.

The point is, that understanding love languages isn’t limited to married couples. It helps us relate better to everyone and enhances relationships across the board.

If you’re interested, the nonprofit God First Life is hosting a seminar with Gary Chapman in Durango, Colorado, on April 8th and 9th. For more information, you can visit their website at

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