Age is all in how you look at it

An elderly woman smiles while gardening, showcasing age positivity.


Reflecting on my childhood, around the age of 5, I considered my brother old, even though he was just 4 years older. My parents seemed old, though they were only in their mid-thirties. My grandparents appeared ancient, and my great-grandparents felt almost extinct. It’s funny how perspective changes as we grow up!

At 12, I applied to volunteer at our local fire department. The chief eyed me and asked, “Think you can help us out around here?” With confidence, I replied, “You bet I can!” I became the youngest member of their junior firefighter crew. The chief took a chance, letting me join two years earlier than others. I learned a lot during my time there and stayed active for quite a while. What I loved most was that everyone on the team was genuinely happy to have help, no matter what the task. Back then, I didn’t realize it, but I was learning to appreciate everyone. And those “old guys”? They could outwork me any day, teaching me humility concerning my age.

At age 18, I applied for a job as a manager at a rental car facility. The hiring manager, after reading my resume, quickly called me in for an interview. When I arrived, she gave me a once-over and said, “Your resume made you seem much older. Sorry, but I just can’t hire someone so young.” I left feeling a bit down, but I believed that bigger plans were in store for me. After the interview, she admitted that she’d like to hire me, but corporate wouldn’t allow it due to my age. They let their corporate mindset dictate what society deems an acceptable age for leadership, overriding their initial impression. 

This pattern continued into my 20s. Eventually, I landed a job with an amazing company. They quickly put me in a leadership role, and I thrived. They offered me a promotion, and we gladly accepted. With God’s grace, I continued to excel. However, when our company was acquired, the new upper leadership appreciated my style and communication skills, despite my younger age. Suddenly, our department underwent a leadership change. The new leaders reverted to “old-school” thinking, believing you needed a college degree and a certain age for manager status. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to advance further, so I eventually started Eclipse DOT and ventured into working for myself.

If you’ve stuck with me through this blog, you might be thinking, “Okay, he’s been through some age discrimination.” We all have stories like mine. The reason I’m sharing this is to encourage us to step up and make a change. As we climb into leadership roles, let’s not overlook younger candidates—they could bring great potential to our companies. Also, don’t dismiss older individuals just because you think their ideas might not align with yours. See each person as someone capable of getting the job done. Let’s not focus on the color of their hair or how young they appear.

Every day, when we look in the mirror, we have the chance to see exactly what we want. If you perceive yourself as too old or too young, that’s what you become. If you see yourself as the right person for the job, then you are the right person. Don’t let self-doubt disqualify you. Whether you’re the youngest or the oldest, own it. Be proud of your accomplishments and believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

From my perspective, I’m a relatively young guy. To my grandparents, I’m still a kid, but in my kids’ eyes, I’m old. It’s all about perspective. If you believe you’re too old for the job, you are. If you think you’re too young for a leadership role, then you are. Don’t let your mind be the barrier to applying yourself, and don’t let your age determine your possibilities. Be strong; own your age, because, in the end, it’s all in your head anyway.

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