Age is all in how you look at it


Reflecting on my childhood, around the age of 5, I considered my brother old, even though he was just 4 years older. My parents seemed old, though they were only in their mid-thirties. My grandparents appeared ancient, and my great-grandparents felt almost extinct. It’s funny how perspective changes as we grow up!

At 12, I applied to volunteer at our local fire department. The chief eyed me and asked, “Think you can help us out around here?” With confidence, I replied, “You bet I can!” I became the youngest member of their junior firefighter crew. The chief took a chance, letting me join two years earlier than others. I learned a lot during my time there and stayed active for quite a while. What I loved most was that everyone on the team was genuinely happy to have help, no matter what the task. Back then, I didn’t realize it, but I was learning to appreciate everyone. And those “old guys”? They could outwork me any day, teaching me humility concerning my age.

At age 18, I applied for a job as a manager at a rental car facility. The hiring manager, after reading my resume, quickly called me in for an interview. When I arrived, she gave me a once-over and said, “Your resume made you seem much older. Sorry, but I just can’t hire someone so young.” I left feeling a bit down, but I believed that bigger plans were in store for me. After the interview, she admitted that she’d like to hire me, but corporate wouldn’t allow it due to my age. They let their corporate mindset dictate what society deems an acceptable age for leadership, overriding their initial impression. 

This pattern continued into my 20s. Eventually, I landed a job with an amazing company. They quickly put me in a leadership role, and I thrived. They offered me a promotion, and we gladly accepted. With God’s grace, I continued to excel. However, when our company was acquired, the new upper leadership appreciated my style and communication skills, despite my younger age. Suddenly, our department underwent a leadership change. The new leaders reverted to “old-school” thinking, believing you needed a college degree and a certain age for manager status. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to advance further, so I eventually started Eclipse DOT and ventured into working for myself.

If you’ve stuck with me through this blog, you might be thinking, “Okay, he’s been through some age discrimination.” We all have stories like mine. The reason I’m sharing this is to encourage us to step up and make a change. As we climb into leadership roles, let’s not overlook younger candidates—they could bring great potential to our companies. Also, don’t dismiss older individuals just because you think their ideas might not align with yours. See each person as someone capable of getting the job done. Let’s not focus on the color of their hair or how young they appear.

Every day, when we look in the mirror, we have the chance to see exactly what we want. If you perceive yourself as too old or too young, that’s what you become. If you see yourself as the right person for the job, then you are the right person. Don’t let self-doubt disqualify you. Whether you’re the youngest or the oldest, own it. Be proud of your accomplishments and believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

From my perspective, I’m a relatively young guy. To my grandparents, I’m still a kid, but in my kids’ eyes, I’m old. It’s all about perspective. If you believe you’re too old for the job, you are. If you think you’re too young for a leadership role, then you are. Don’t let your mind be the barrier to applying yourself, and don’t let your age determine your possibilities. Be strong; own your age, because, in the end, it’s all in your head anyway.

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“Our anniversary is a brief celebration, but our marriage is forever.”

Today, my wife and I are celebrating our 16th “wedding” anniversary. (Remember the sign from our wedding?)?

I wish I could say the past 16 years were flawless. But… That wouldn’t be true.

The truth is, we’ve faced some challenges. 

I recall at our pre-wedding shower, an older widowed lady shared, “Everyone says never go to bed mad. Hell, if Richard and I had followed that advice, we would have never slept!” Then she chuckled.

Back then, I thought, “Oh my goodness, who offers this kind of advice to someone about to get married?”

It turns out she was right.

There were times, and I’m sure there will be more when we don’t resolve our differences before going to sleep.

But, on the flip side, there are WAY MORE times when we’re excited together, happy to be with each other, cherishing every moment with our kids (while we have them), and eagerly anticipating the next step in life.

I think you get the point.

The good moments far outnumber the tough times.

You know what? I wouldn’t swap the challenges for anything.

The tough times molded us into the people we are now.

There were times when buying food for our family was a struggle. Or when we trimmed all our “extras” from life (and by extras, I mean everything—just a landline phone and only groceries that were absolutely necessary, no frills). 

During the tough times at work, we persevered.

When our daughter developed a big lump on her leg, no one could figure out what it was, but thankfully, it started gradually going away.

What about the time we chose to begin a business? And later, a non-profit too? 

These are just a few moments where we faced challenges side by side. The crucial part is being together. 

I would’ve hated to face these alone. We’ve experienced many happy moments, a couple of disagreements, and plenty of challenges where we supported each other and leaned on each other.

Jenna, I wouldn’t exchange these past 16 years for anything. And I won’t trade whatever comes in the future for anything either. 

No one God has ever created would be a better fit for me, and I’m grateful that He brought us together when He did.

To anyone going through a tough time right now, hang on tight. It’s a crazy journey, and having that special person with you makes all the difference.

Happy Anniversary, Babe. Every day, I’m grateful that God brought us together. You’re one tough gal to put up with me for this long. I love you, Jenna.

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Are you qualified?

Are You Qualified?

“God doesn’t choose those who are already qualified; He qualifies the ones He chooses.”

Last night, sitting in our beach house, the kids were scrolling through the available videos. 

They stumbled upon the DreamWorks movie “The Prince of Egypt.” If you haven’t watched it, I’d suggest giving it a try.

It’s a pretty faithful depiction of Moses’s life, up to the moment just after they crossed the sea.

While watching the movie, a few thoughts crossed my mind. First and foremost, God is capable of anything!

When you start feeling down or doubting your ability to achieve what you’ve set out to do, just remember that God can part the Red Sea and bring seven plagues upon the land of Egypt.

He can surely assist you in completing your task, as long as you don’t lose heart.

Another thought that crossed my mind was that people haven’t changed much since the time of Moses.

Consider this… 

Moses convinced the pharaoh to release the Hebrews after years of slavery.

But when they reached the Red Sea, they all started turning on him! 

“Why did you bring us out of Egypt just to die out here?” was just one of the things they said.

And they did it again, just after crossing the Red Sea. 

“Why did you bring us out of Egypt to wander the desert and die out here???”

As humans, we often lose sight of the blessings God has given us, even if He granted us something amazing just yesterday!

The last thing that struck me is that God doesn’t choose those already qualified; instead, He qualifies the ones He calls.

What I’m getting at is that Moses wasn’t inherently qualified to lead the people of Israel. He struggled with speech and had a lot of self-doubt.

I mean, he literally asked God to find someone else to speak on his behalf to the Pharaoh and the Hebrews.

God didn’t choose Moses because he was already qualified.
It was actually the complete opposite!! So, the next time you feel unqualified for what you’re called to do, remember that God doesn’t choose those already qualified; He qualifies the ones He calls!

Take action!

Today, I encourage you to take a moment and read Moses’s story.

After reading (or listening to) it, take a moment to think about all you’ve accomplished. Reflect on whether you were initially qualified for those tasks or if you became qualified by accomplishing them.

Next, consider what it means to have a herd mentality, where you simply follow what everyone else is doing.

Now, take a moment to reflect on the times that made you qualified. Were they because you followed the herd, or did you think outside the box and break away from the crowd?

A little more?

Do we actively select our missions, or do our missions sometimes choose us? When I became a CLD tester, I was confident that I had chosen my mission.

But looking back on that “choice,” I’m not so certain that I chose that mission. It might have chosen me!

The more I reflect on it, I am certain that IT chose me.

I might have thought, “It would be nice to make a couple of hundred dollars a week to start with. Or perhaps it would be nice to be recognized as a CDL tester in our community.”

Was I initially qualified to be a CDL tester when I first started considering it?

Absolutely not! 

I was a decent driver, but I lacked the people skills needed to be an excellent tester.

I can still recall the first few tests I conducted.

In one instance, as the tester, I said, “Up ahead, pull the truck over to the right side of the road and secure it as if we were going to get out and check something at the rear of the vehicle.”

In the beginning, well, more like the first year, when I instructed the driver to pull over, they would often look at me and ask, “Did I do something wrong?” 

Now, I’ve learned how to communicate it in a way that doesn’t make them wonder if they’ve done something wrong.

My point here is that initially, I wasn’t a qualified tester, but now I am overqualified and have assisted many others in becoming qualified CDL testers.

Eclipse DOT follows a similar path.

When I launched the business, was I qualified to be a business owner? 

Absolutely not!

However, I felt a calling to run this business, so I did my best.

Now, three years later, I still might not be fully qualified, but I am much more equipped for the job than when I started.

The same holds true for God’s first life!

When embarking on a new project, we typically aren’t initially qualified to accomplish it.

But as it progresses, we often become more than qualified for that project, as long as we put in the effort and give it our best shot!

The next time you think you can’t do something because you don’t know how to do it, just remember that no one is qualified when they are called to start a new project.

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“Age doesn’t define life. It’s about living. When your birthday comes, be grateful for the year that just passed and look forward to the next one with a happy heart.”

Today, I got a fantastic chance to celebrate my 35th birthday. What an awesome life I’ve had so far! I’m lucky to have a great wife who’s been by my side for almost 16 years.

I have four kids, and they’re mostly great. They play a lot, and sometimes they go a bit too far. Honestly, I’m happy they push limits because it means they’ll keep pushing themselves to new levels as they grow older.

I feel lucky to have raised my kids on our family’s homestead. They are the 5th generation growing up here.

My parents back me up, even when they should probably say my ideas are a bit wild.

Our business is doing well. Shameless plug, check us out at We also began a nonprofit to help serve God. Shameless plug for that too, I genuinely feel blessed in my life.

One early lesson I learned was not to compare myself to anyone but the person I was yesterday. 

When I was younger, I always tried to measure up to my older brother. He was 4 years older, and I thought I was just as big as him. I believed I could and should be allowed to do everything he did.

I’m sure he saw me as a bother most days, but he still took time to be with me. He let me join in with his friends, and I began comparing myself to what they were doing.

I always felt like I hadn’t achieved much.

Then, one day, it hit me. How can you compare yourself to anyone? No one has had the same life, so there’s no real way to compare our lives.

Today, I want to encourage everyone to take a good look at their lives. Look closely to see where you’ve succeeded, and look even more closely at your failures to see what you’ve learned.

One big success for me is writing these blogs.

Back in school, I didn’t enjoy reading and certainly didn’t like writing. Now, I write a devotional and a blog every week. If I look back over the past two years, I bet I’ve written a couple of books. Lol.

What used to be a failure is now a success! How cool is that?

Another significant failure in my life was when we were in a lot of debt. At one point, we had maxed out several credit cards, struggled to pay bills, and were just trying to get by.

We weren’t making a lot of money, and it was hard to support our family of six. But my wife and I made a budget and stuck to it. By doing that, we managed to get out of over 35K in debt in less than 2 years.

That might not seem like a lot, but for a family of six living on one income, it’s a huge deal! We learned so much from that experience, and it was amazing.

When we were going through tough times, it was hard to see any hope for the future. There were days I doubted we’d ever say our only debt was a mortgage.

Suddenly, it felt like we could drown quickly. The main idea is that everyone has dealt with challenges.

I’m grateful for the good life we have, and I believe that God will keep blessing us in many ways.

The first 35 years of my life have been great, and I’m excited about many more years to come. I believe they will all be full of blessings.

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Blessings are all around us

Blessings are all around us

“God can give you all the grace you need, so that you will always have everything you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause.” – 2 Corinthians 9:8

Hi, it’s your friend Dan Greer, and I’ve got some cheerful wisdom for you, just like a sunny day at a San Diego beach!
As I sit here looking at the ocean, I feel really lucky. Picture this: I’m relaxing on the deck of an amazing beach house in lovely San Diego, where each day ends with a breathtaking sunset created by God.
A little while back, we went tide pooling, and guess what? Some cool kids found an octopus! They not only found it but also shared the discovery with other kids, making memories that will stick around.
But here’s the real treasure, folks. Blessings aren’t just about trips and perfect moments. They’re a way of thinking.
Let’s go back to when Jenna and I were tight on money (excuse my language, but it’s true). Even back then, I felt lucky. Why? I had an amazing life partner, someone I could argue with and grow alongside.
Jump ahead to our little ones, our kids. Every day with them is a blessing, even when they’re having their usual sibling arguments. Blessings, you know, depend on how you look at things.
When our business throws us some tough challenges, I consider it a blessing. These difficulties aren’t curses; they’re chances for us to get better. Always remember, God doesn’t only choose people who are already skilled; He helps and qualifies those He chooses!
Now, coming back to what I want to say—being blessed isn’t about reaching a place or having lots of things. It’s about how you think and choose to see the good things in life. 

And you know what? It’s entirely up to you whether you feel blessed or not. No one else gets to decide that. It’s all in your hands.
Some people might think having a business is a bad thing, but not me! For me, working on our business has been a continuous blessing, even in the middle of all the daily chaos.

Talking about blessings, here’s something new I learned from my amazing partner, Jenna. We decided to try deep-sea fishing as a family, a first for most of us (except Jenna, who did it when she was a kid).
After about an hour on our adventure, Nathen decided to feed the fish (if you know what I mean). Then, half an hour later, Jenna also joined in. Well, about an hour and a half later, I thought, “Why not join the fun too?”

Now, Jenna, with all her kindness, has surpassed us all in the fish-feeding part. But what surprised me even more was her attitude. As we got off the boat, her first words were, “That was so much fun; I’m so glad we went—what a blessing!”
As for me, I was still trying to get used to standing on solid ground again, but Jenna’s positive view that everything was a blessing stuck with me.

Now, let’s get things done, my friends.
Remember those times when good things happened but you didn’t notice? Can you think of any? I definitely can, like when I got seasick recently (still feeling a bit wobbly, ha!).
Take a moment to stop and thank God for those blessings, even the ones that weren’t right in front of you.
Take care, my friends! And always remember, feeling blessed is a choice you make every single day.
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Break out of the office and get some ACTUAL work done

Break out of the office and get some actual work done.

You can work from any place; the challenge is convincing the boss to allow it!

Today, I did a lot of work at the office on my computer. I left early to take my son to lacrosse practice. Now, I’m chilling on the grass, enjoying the nice weather. I overheard other parents talking about their busy jobs and plans for promotions. It feels like we’re all in this together—juggling work and family, sharing experiences, and dreaming big. It’s a mix of personal and work life, creating a friendly atmosphere as we go about our daily routines.

Excited for the lifestyle shift ahead, I treasure the freedom to work anywhere, anytime. Curious, though—why does the corporate world cling to the notion of mandatory offices? Embracing change sparks my enthusiasm as I anticipate the liberating journey toward flexible and location-independent work.

The idea that you must be in the office to get things done is as old-fashioned as payphones, which most managers thought were cool when they were kids. To keep good employees and ensure their happiness, you need to be more flexible and trust them to do their best work. Let your employees choose when and where they work, as long as they finish their tasks.

Start by letting a group of interested people work from home three days a week. Don’t constantly monitor them. Evaluate their performance based on both the amount and quality of their work. When employees feel trusted and have some freedom, their creativity, quality of work, and even productivity tend to increase.

I know there are many arguments about how some people believe you can only be productive by working in the office. They think being watched by the manager or having coworkers around makes you get more work done. Some even feel superior because they’re in the office from 8-5. But all these ideas can be proven wrong with good leadership.

The new generations don’t want a traditional 8-5 “job.” They prefer a flexible workplace where they can attend appointments in the middle of the day and make up for it by working later in the evening.

Let’s discuss the various generations from my perspective. It’s okay if you don’t agree. One of the great things about where we live is that we can have different opinions and still get along. Baby boomers prefer working from 8 to 5 every day with a one-hour lunch break. They believe that this time should be spent in the office or at the workplace. If you’re on a salary, you’re expected to work at least 50 hours a week. If you’re the boss, you should arrive before any employees and stay later than everyone else to set a good example. It’s important to note that when this generation graduated high school, the 8-track was considered really cool. Gen Xers are somewhat similar to baby boomers. They also believe that their employees should be in the office from 8 to 5, but they are a bit more flexible. They allow leaving early on the Friday before a holiday.

They are trying to be more open-minded, but it’s a challenge because they grew up with the baby boomer work mentality. Gen Xers were the first to think having a phone in a bag was an amazing way to stay connected. They used to connect it to their car, and when the phone rang, the car horn would honk! Pretty stylish.

Millennials often get a bad reputation. People say they get easily offended and throw a fit if things don’t go their way. While this is true for some, many millennials are top achievers.

Some of the biggest and most successful companies are run by this generation. Millennials don’t like strict working hours, and they really don’t enjoy working in an office. They prefer working a few hours from home, going to the office only when necessary. They like a flexible schedule, including a break to work out and have meals. They can get their work done without needing to be in an office.

Each generation has its strengths and weaknesses. I want to tell you that to keep younger employees happy, we need to let go of the traditional office mindset. With today’s technology, there’s no need to constantly track or closely manage salaried employees. For many of them, having a physical office space is unnecessary.

All you really need is a place for meetings, and there are plenty of options in every town. Even in rural areas, you can find spaces like libraries, schools, or Grange halls that are big enough for your meetings. Let’s be creative about it. When evaluating, consider both the quantity and quality of their work, not just the time spent at a desk. Let’s step out of the office and accomplish meaningful tasks.

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Ditch those RESOLUTIONS and set some REAL GOALS!

Ditch those resolutions and set some real goals

In the past, I used to make New Year’s resolutions for myself, like losing a few pounds, running again, or just being a better person. But those resolutions didn’t work. I would give up shortly after starting, or sometimes I wouldn’t even get started. It left me feeling like I didn’t have the willpower to achieve anything. The truth was, I wasn’t setting resolutions for myself; I was setting ones I thought the world would want. So, I stopped making resolutions and started setting goals.

Setting goals is crucial in life to get what you want. When I set goals, I remember seven key things, one for each day of the week. It helps me stay focused on what I need and keeps me motivated to achieve my desires.

  1. Make sure half your goals are doable in the next 1–6 months. This keeps you motivated. If you can make something happen today, go for it. If all your goals are impossible, you’ll lose motivation. So, keep a few goals that boost your motivation to the next level, helping you stay on track and achieve what you want.
  2. Set a really big goal, like something Superman might find challenging. For instance, imagine wanting 20 vacation homes in different countries and two private jets for you and your family to travel the world. This goal is probably hard to achieve, but that’s the point. Even if you never reach it, just trying puts you ahead compared to not thinking about it at all. Think of it this way: if you aim for another galaxy and don’t get there, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you still went farther than if you never tried in the first place!
  3. Jot down your goals; it’s a crucial part of the process. Write them in different spots. I use a notebook that I always carry, another for various notes, and a whiteboard in my home office. The notebooks are just for me, so I can check my goals no matter which one I have. I use a whiteboard because, when my family enters the office, they read it and ask about my goals. This keeps me motivated and accountable, making sure I stay on track. Whether it’s the notebook in my pocket, the one for notes, or the whiteboard at home, having goals in multiple places helps me stay focused on achieving them.
  4. Share your goals with others; it’s important for achieving them and staying accountable. When you talk about your goals and dreams with someone, it makes them feel more real and gives them a new perspective. Imagine wanting to lose weight. If you keep it to yourself and just start exercising, people might be supportive, but not as much as if you tell them what you’re trying to achieve. I’ve shared my goals, and I’ve seen friends drop everything to help me stay on track. I’ve also been that friend who dropped everything to motivate others. Sharing goals creates a supportive community that keeps everyone focused.
  5. When you pick your goals, be clear and specific. If they’re too broad, it’s easy to achieve them, or even worse, you might lose motivation because you can’t reach the target. Let me share one of my business goals with you: I want to buy a grill/cook trailer by June 2020 and use it to support our customers, their employees, and our community. Now, if our goal was just to “buy a grill to give back to our community,” it’s not specific enough. It lacks details like the type of grill and its size, and it doesn’t have a clear timeframe. Adding these specifics makes your goals more achievable and keeps you motivated.
  6. Set different kinds of goals! Don’t just think about work or personal stuff; have both. Make a list of goals for your job or business. Also, dream big! Aim to be the CEO of a super valuable company, retire by 35, or make enough money to live well without working more than 40 hours a week. Some goals might fit on both lists, like retiring early or having a job that feels more like fun than work. Having
  7. Don’t let your goals scare you too much. Choose some that don’t feel overwhelming. If all your goals terrify you, you might avoid them altogether. It’s important to have a mix of goals—some that challenge you and others that seem easier to achieve. This way, you’ll stay motivated and feel confident in reaching some of your goals while pushing yourself with others. A mix of goals helps you focus on different aspects of your life and dream big too!

This is just how I set goals and make sure I’m on the right path to success. But there are a few more things you should think about. Try setting goals with your family and your spouse. It’s been really helpful for me. My wife and I set goals about 7 months ago, and it’s surprising how many goals we set for two years are already happening. It’s also funny how we haven’t even started some goals we planned to finish in 30 days, haha.

Whenever I do something, I try to keep God at the forefront. It doesn’t mean I go to church every Sunday or that I think I’m perfect. I often feel far from the person I should be, but that’s a different topic. I believe in having faith in every part of life. For a long time, I thought God didn’t belong in my work or goals; I only turned to Him when I needed something. Now, I realize He’s more important to me than that. So, I make sure to involve Him in everything I do, both in my personal life and in my work.

I hope this encourages you to skip those yearly resolutions that many of us forget by the end of January. Instead, set some goals that are easy to reach and a few that might be a bit challenging. These goals can truly make a positive change in our lives.

Happy New Year, and I’m confident that 2020 will be an awesome year!

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Enjoy the season that you are in.


Do you ever take time to sit, relax, feel, and appreciate the present? With all the current chaos in the world, we often find ourselves consumed by worries about the future. It’s essential to balance our concerns and embrace the beauty of the moment we’re living in.
Here’s a quick tip:
Don’t let worry change things. Instead, appreciate the current season; God has given you many reasons to be grateful. Focus on the good things around you, and find joy in the blessings you’ve received.
Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of His creation. Relax and enjoy life; tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Embrace the saying, “Everything happens for a reason.” Life is precious, so take time to savor the present and find joy in the reasons behind it all.
God is the most sensible explanation for everything. We can discuss science, but it just makes sense that God is behind everything around us.

He deserves praise for everything. Another well-known saying is, “If you wake up, God still has plans for you.”
In 1 Kings 19:7 of the Bible (MSG), it says, “Get up and eat more; you’ve got a long journey ahead of you.”
God is assuring you that there’s a long journey ahead. Don’t rush; take time to enjoy what’s in front of you.
How can you make sure that you’re truly present and living in the present moment?
Here are some suggestions to assist you in cherishing the numerous small moments that come your way every day.
1. The past is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift.
Avoid overthinking the past and stressing about the future. If you must carry something from your past, let it be something you cherish. If not, smile and concentrate on the present moment. 
2. Be mindful of the little details.
Embrace and observe your surroundings, even in the smallest details. Appreciate the ambiance, sounds, and sights—these are all little things to be thankful for.
3. Pay attention to each passing moment.
When you care about every passing second and minute, you extend the significance of that moment and maximize its potential.
4. Practice kindness and express gratitude.
Assisting someone in need will bring joy to your day. Always be grateful to God for allowing you to experience each day as a blessing.
5. Positive confirmation.
Declare to yourself, “This is it. I’m in my 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. I won’t dwell on what could, should, or might happen.”
In conclusion, there comes a day for everyone when things feel out of order and you find yourself sitting in your car or bathroom, shedding tears.
That’s why it’s crucial to remember your positive days and moments, as they can support you during challenging times.
Wholeheartedly value today’s moments, let go of past hurts, cease worrying, smile, and live one day at a time.
Alright, lift your chin and make every moment meaningful.
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Everything in life happens for us, not to us.


Every event unfolds for a purpose. We might not always understand that purpose, but there is always a reason behind it.

I’ve always thought that everything in life has a purpose. Sometimes we don’t get why things happen immediately, and maybe we never will. Nevertheless, there’s a reason behind it. It could be because we needed to learn from a mistake, or maybe we weren’t prepared for a specific job or promotion. Perhaps God used us to help someone else learn a lesson because our faith is strong. 

Life’s twists and turns often carry valuable lessons. Reflecting on these moments and understanding that they contribute to our growth and the growth of those around us is important. It’s like pieces of a puzzle fitting together, even if we can’t see the complete picture just yet.

Reflecting on my life, I see moments where God guided me, often without my realizing it. One significant choice was not enlisting in the military right after high school. I had plans to join the Army, head to basic training after graduation, attend warrant officers’ school, and eventually fly helicopters. However, God had a different plan.

This decision spared me from the heightened danger during the early days of the war on terrorism when many helicopters were shot down. God protected me. Furthermore, the reason I didn’t enlist was to meet my now-wife. This choice likely led to the family and life I have today, including the wonderful kids I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Looking back, I can see God’s unseen hand shaping my journey.

Let’s talk about the time I didn’t get a full-time job at the paid fire department. Back then, I was really upset; how could I mess that up? I was already working part-time, covering many shifts, and the squads liked me.

Now, looking back, if I had stayed there, I wouldn’t be living where I am now, I wouldn’t have gotten my CDL, and I wouldn’t be starting my own business. Likely, I wouldn’t be as close to God as I am today, either. Sometimes, not getting what we want opens doors to unexpected and better things.

Let’s talk about when I lost a job for working too much. I was young and couldn’t understand why that happened. God used that experience and the next three years at a different job to humble me and bring me closer to Him. He taught me the true meaning of forgiveness and encouraged me to lean on him.

He even gave me a not-so-great boss to show me how not to act and treat others. This period sparked a passion in me to find needs and fill them, no matter how challenging. It was then that I discovered the need for CDL testing in our area. I worked hard for 1.5 years to go through the process and became one of the youngest testers in the state of Colorado at that time. God’s guidance and the challenges I faced shaped me into who I am today.

Recently, I dealt with another awful boss. The company leadership was great, but my direct supervisor was challenging. God used this to teach me to let go, forgive, learn how not to treat others, and stay humble. This experience motivated us to start Eclipse and take those faith-filled steps.

Looking back on my life, I could easily feel regret. I regret missing a chance to serve my country, messing up job interviews, experiencing poverty, and dealing with terrible bosses. But instead, I choose to see these moments as opportunities to say, “Thank you, God, for helping me!” I don’t live with regret because I believe there’s a higher power looking out for me.

He won’t give me more than I can handle. If we believe things happen for us, there’s no room for regret. Every experience, even the tough ones, shapes us into the best version of ourselves.

Now, more than ever, I hold the belief that everything in life occurs for our benefit, not against us.

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Family road trips are the BEST!

Family road trips are the best!

Your children are only young for a short time, so don’t waste the chance to spend time with them.

When we began our business, we weren’t moving forward as fast as we hoped. We didn’t understand why. We kept going, but it felt very slow—like a snail. We didn’t feel like we were making any progress.

During this time, we went on a long family trip. We packed our four kids into the car and drove from Colorado to Red Lake, Canada. If you don’t know about Red Lake, it’s up north from where Minnesota and Canada meet, about seven hours away. The drive was great. We spent a whole day in the car and saw many amazing things along the way.
During the drive, we got a chance to talk and bond with each other. That’s why we enjoy driving—it gives us time to reconnect as a family, which is great. We discussed our business and what we wanted to achieve with it. Without even writing anything down, we made our business plan and set goals.
We had a fantastic week in Canada, enjoying every moment. We rented a small fishing boat and caught lots of fish. Our youngest son caught his first pike! Our oldest caught a small-mouth bass. We didn’t think it was a big deal, but the locals told us it’s a rare catch in those lakes. We also took a biplane tour of the lake, seeing bears and even two bull moose from the air. We laughed about the plural of moose—is it Meese? Who knows! One evening, my wife and I went for a drive on a dirt road until sunset. It was an amazing experience. And of course, we had to try poutine, a Canadian fry dish. It was delicious, eh?
After leaving Red Lake, we drove to Pennsylvania, spending another 24 hours in the car. Throughout the trip, our family continued to bond. Our kids got along well, and my wife and I talked about everything. As we left Wisconsin, we both had the same idea: why not make God the CEO of our company? It wouldn’t be ours anymore; we’d run his business! We were as excited about this idea as when we found out we were going to have kids! It felt like something out of a movie—we both said it at the same time.
After that, there wasn’t much to talk about. We decided: We didn’t own the company anymore; God did. Our job was to work for him and run it his way. We prayed before all meetings and included verses on all our web pages. It’s His company; we’re just here to run it as His stewards.
We began making changes right away. Instead of saying the company was ours, we called it what it was. I changed my title from CEO to COO and announced that God was the new CEO of Eclipse. Almost right away, things started improving, and the company began moving forward again.
We spent the next week in Pennsylvania at a family camp. It was so much fun! Our kids enjoyed it. If you ever have the opportunity to be a chaperone at a family camp, go for it. Bring your kids and let them have some fun while you keep an eye on them, join in, and have a great time together. We’ll always remember these moments.
Then we drove to West Texas for work, another 24-hour drive. We spent the week there and then headed back to colorful Colorado.
This trip changed our lives forever.
We made choices that helped us reduce stress. We bonded as a family and grew in ways we never imagined. I truly believe that if we hadn’t taken this trip, our business wouldn’t have God as its CEO. I’m grateful He guided us to prioritize family time. He showed me that time is our most precious thing. We can make more money and make new friends, but we can never get back a moment of our day.
Your kids are only young once, so don’t waste your time with them.
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Family, Spending time where it matters

Family and Spending Time Where It Matters

If you’ve been checking my social media, you might have noticed that I’ve been spending more time with my family, and we’ve been traveling a lot.

We’ve been driving a lot because it’s expensive to fly six people, but we enjoy being together in the car and seeing all the amazing things God created.

It felt like we blinked, and our oldest son turned 14! Then we realized we only have 4 more years until he probably moves out and starts his own life. We want to make the most of this time together.

So, we decided to stop spending money on unnecessary things and instead focus on creating memories. 

One thing we did was sit down with all the kids and ask them where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do.

We got a variety of responses!

Some were exciting, while others were heartwarming. Our daughter said she wanted to learn more about fixing things. One son said he wanted to spend more time together as a family. And of course, one wanted to do more hunting, especially in exotic places.

All of this got us thinking.

None of them asked for more things! They didn’t want us to buy toys or gadgets. They wanted us to give them experience. And that’s exactly what we wanted, too. Less stuff and more memories.

Have you ever sat down with your kids and asked them what they truly wanted? Not about gifts for Christmas or their birthday, but about what they want to do, where they want to go, or what experiences they want to have.

You see, we’ve taught our children everywhere that when we ask them what they want, they usually ask for stuff, not experience. That’s because, whether you realize it or not, we’ve trained them to ask for stuff. Do you know why? It’s because giving stuff is easier than giving an experience. It’s much quicker to go on Amazon and buy a dollhouse than to build one for your daughter.

I want you to do something today: go home and talk to your family about the experiences you remember from your childhood. Like fishing with your grandpa, fixing a truck with your dad, baking cakes with your mom, riding in a tractor with your other grandpa, or baking bread with your grandma. As you talk about your memories, pay attention to what makes your kids excited.

I also want you to think back and try to remember the toys that excited you the most. Can you remember any of them? Do you still have any? I do. One Christmas, I got a few remote-control toys. They brought me a lot of joy. But now, seeing my kids play with them brings even more joy! You see, I used to think that the toys themselves made me happy, but it’s the experience of playing with them and now watching my kids play with the same toys that brings me true happiness.

It was never the things in my life that made me happy; it was the experiences I remember. With that in mind, what can you do to create more experiences for your family? How can you be there for your kids in a way that they’ll always remember?

I promise you that taking a family trip to San Diego and eating at your favorite hamburger place in Ocean Beach (Hodads) will bring more joy and leave a longer-lasting memory than buying them a new phone every year!

Go out and create wonderful memories with your family while you still can!

As for me, keep an eye on my  Facebook and Instagram to see where life takes us in the next few years!

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Give Memories, Not Things

Give memories, not things.

With the arrival of our first son, Christmas took on a whole new level of extravagance.

At first, our movie nights were epic, with shelves stacked high. But soon, the living room turned into a toy wonderland where laughter and imagination roamed freely, creating a new kind of family adventure every day.

Not long ago, we took a sweeping glance through our home and discovered a treasure trove of trinkets, bursting from every nook and cranny. From basement to attic, our abode has become a captivating labyrinth of forgotten wonders.
We realized our kids liked adventures more than things. So, we decided to give them cool experiences instead. We wanted to create awesome memories that would inspire them and help them grow.

Here’s what made a difference for us: We began going on more family trips. Every year, we set aside at least two whole weeks just to create unforgettable memories together.
Initially, our expedition into the realm of fun began with a cascade of amusement parks eagerly marked on the children’s must-visit list. Naturally, we explored several, each offering its own flavor of excitement.
Yet, amidst the thrills and spills, Universal Studios emerged as the ultimate favorite, captivating us so much that we impulsively snagged season tickets for a year. It was a deal so irresistible, with the annual passes costing less than what we’d normally spend for a single day’s adventure. With our entry secured, our focus shifted from meticulous planning to simply relishing the joy of togetherness, letting spontaneity guide our escapades.

The pinnacle of our travel adventures thus far remains our week-long escapade to a quaint beach house nestled just north of San Diego. Picture this: six glorious days spent on what felt like our very own private slice of paradise, all for a steal at less than $200 per night. No itineraries, no agendas—just pure, unadulterated spontaneity leading the way to some of the most cherished memories we’ve ever created.

Our culinary escapades took us to Ocean Beach, where we indulged in mouthwatering delights at our beloved burger joint, Hodad’s. But the real magic happened on the shoreline, where we immersed ourselves in the ocean’s embrace multiple times a day, even daring to ride the waves with surfing lessons. Between moments of exhilarating adventure, we reveled in the simple pleasures: lounging, games, and savoring homemade feasts lovingly prepared throughout our stay. It was a week when time seemed to stand still, and every moment was a testament to the beauty of living in the present.

We had an amazing time on our trip to a beach house near San Diego. It only cost us $200 a night, and we spent six wonderful days enjoying the peaceful beach all to ourselves.

Instead of making strict plans, we decided to go with the flow and see where our adventures took us. We had so much fun, filled with laughter and joy.

We couldn’t resist trying out Hodad’s, a famous burger place in Ocean Beach, where the food was delicious. But the highlight of our trip was learning to surf in the ocean. It was thrilling to ride the waves and feel the sun shining down on us.

Each day was like a new adventure, whether we were splashing in the ocean, playing games under the sunny sky, or enjoying homemade meals together. It was a simple but perfect getaway, where we savored every moment without worrying about time.

Those days in the beach house felt like a dream, where time seemed to stand still and all that mattered was the happiness we shared.

The holiday season brought about a remarkable shift in our family’s traditions this year. Rather than focusing solely on material gifts, we decided to have a heart-to-heart with the kids, presenting them with a choice between tangible presents and the priceless gift of shared experiences.

To our delight, their response was nothing short of heartwarming. Despite the allure of shiny gadgets and toys, each child expressed a desire for modest gifts, valued at less than $20 each, and a resounding eagerness to continue building cherished memories together as a family.

Our memories are our most prized possessions, worth more to us than any material wealth imaginable. It dawned on us that our children would soon spread their wings and venture out into the world, leaving our nest behind. In hindsight, we recognized the selfishness of our relentless pursuit of memory-making, but to our children, those moments were priceless treasures.

Their laughter, their smiles, the sparkle in their eyes—each memory is crafted with love and shared experiences. As we reflect on the past, we can’t help but eagerly anticipate the memories that lie ahead, waiting to be woven into the tapestry of our family’s journey.

Costa Rica, Alaska, Hawaii, the Florida Keys, and New York City—who knows where our next adventure will take us? The world is our playground, brimming with endless possibilities waiting to be explored. Each destination holds the promise of new experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable memories. With wanderlust fueling our spirits, we eagerly await the next chapter in our journey, ready to embrace whatever the world has in store for us.

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