Everything in life happens for us, not to us.

Everything in life happens for us, not to us.


Every event unfolds for a purpose. We might not always understand that purpose, but there is always a reason behind it.

I’ve always thought that everything in life has a purpose. Sometimes we don’t get why things happen immediately, and maybe we never will. Nevertheless, there’s a reason behind it. It could be because we needed to learn from a mistake, or maybe we weren’t prepared for a specific job or promotion. Perhaps God used us to help someone else learn a lesson because our faith is strong. 

Life’s twists and turns often carry valuable lessons. Reflecting on these moments and understanding that they contribute to our growth and the growth of those around us is important. It’s like pieces of a puzzle fitting together, even if we can’t see the complete picture just yet.

Reflecting on my life, I see moments where God guided me, often without my realizing it. One significant choice was not enlisting in the military right after high school. I had plans to join the Army, head to basic training after graduation, attend warrant officers’ school, and eventually fly helicopters. However, God had a different plan.

This decision spared me from the heightened danger during the early days of the war on terrorism when many helicopters were shot down. God protected me. Furthermore, the reason I didn’t enlist was to meet my now-wife. This choice likely led to the family and life I have today, including the wonderful kids I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Looking back, I can see God’s unseen hand shaping my journey.

Let’s talk about the time I didn’t get a full-time job at the paid fire department. Back then, I was really upset; how could I mess that up? I was already working part-time, covering many shifts, and the squads liked me.

Now, looking back, if I had stayed there, I wouldn’t be living where I am now, I wouldn’t have gotten my CDL, and I wouldn’t be starting my own business. Likely, I wouldn’t be as close to God as I am today, either. Sometimes, not getting what we want opens doors to unexpected and better things.

Let’s talk about when I lost a job for working too much. I was young and couldn’t understand why that happened. God used that experience and the next three years at a different job to humble me and bring me closer to Him. He taught me the true meaning of forgiveness and encouraged me to lean on him.

He even gave me a not-so-great boss to show me how not to act and treat others. This period sparked a passion in me to find needs and fill them, no matter how challenging. It was then that I discovered the need for CDL testing in our area. I worked hard for 1.5 years to go through the process and became one of the youngest testers in the state of Colorado at that time. God’s guidance and the challenges I faced shaped me into who I am today.

Recently, I dealt with another awful boss. The company leadership was great, but my direct supervisor was challenging. God used this to teach me to let go, forgive, learn how not to treat others, and stay humble. This experience motivated us to start Eclipse and take those faith-filled steps.

Looking back on my life, I could easily feel regret. I regret missing a chance to serve my country, messing up job interviews, experiencing poverty, and dealing with terrible bosses. But instead, I choose to see these moments as opportunities to say, “Thank you, God, for helping me!” I don’t live with regret because I believe there’s a higher power looking out for me.

He won’t give me more than I can handle. If we believe things happen for us, there’s no room for regret. Every experience, even the tough ones, shapes us into the best version of ourselves.

Now, more than ever, I hold the belief that everything in life occurs for our benefit, not against us.

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