Ditch those RESOLUTIONS and set some REAL GOALS!

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Ditch those resolutions and set some real goals

In the past, I used to make New Year’s resolutions for myself, like losing a few pounds, running again, or just being a better person. But those resolutions didn’t work. I would give up shortly after starting, or sometimes I wouldn’t even get started. It left me feeling like I didn’t have the willpower to achieve anything. The truth was, I wasn’t setting resolutions for myself; I was setting ones I thought the world would want. So, I stopped making resolutions and started setting goals.

Setting goals is crucial in life to get what you want. When I set goals, I remember seven key things, one for each day of the week. It helps me stay focused on what I need and keeps me motivated to achieve my desires.

  1. Make sure half your goals are doable in the next 1–6 months. This keeps you motivated. If you can make something happen today, go for it. If all your goals are impossible, you’ll lose motivation. So, keep a few goals that boost your motivation to the next level, helping you stay on track and achieve what you want.
  2. Set a really big goal, like something Superman might find challenging. For instance, imagine wanting 20 vacation homes in different countries and two private jets for you and your family to travel the world. This goal is probably hard to achieve, but that’s the point. Even if you never reach it, just trying puts you ahead compared to not thinking about it at all. Think of it this way: if you aim for another galaxy and don’t get there, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you still went farther than if you never tried in the first place!
  3. Jot down your goals; it’s a crucial part of the process. Write them in different spots. I use a notebook that I always carry, another for various notes, and a whiteboard in my home office. The notebooks are just for me, so I can check my goals no matter which one I have. I use a whiteboard because, when my family enters the office, they read it and ask about my goals. This keeps me motivated and accountable, making sure I stay on track. Whether it’s the notebook in my pocket, the one for notes, or the whiteboard at home, having goals in multiple places helps me stay focused on achieving them.
  4. Share your goals with others; it’s important for achieving them and staying accountable. When you talk about your goals and dreams with someone, it makes them feel more real and gives them a new perspective. Imagine wanting to lose weight. If you keep it to yourself and just start exercising, people might be supportive, but not as much as if you tell them what you’re trying to achieve. I’ve shared my goals, and I’ve seen friends drop everything to help me stay on track. I’ve also been that friend who dropped everything to motivate others. Sharing goals creates a supportive community that keeps everyone focused.
  5. When you pick your goals, be clear and specific. If they’re too broad, it’s easy to achieve them, or even worse, you might lose motivation because you can’t reach the target. Let me share one of my business goals with you: I want to buy a grill/cook trailer by June 2020 and use it to support our customers, their employees, and our community. Now, if our goal was just to “buy a grill to give back to our community,” it’s not specific enough. It lacks details like the type of grill and its size, and it doesn’t have a clear timeframe. Adding these specifics makes your goals more achievable and keeps you motivated.
  6. Set different kinds of goals! Don’t just think about work or personal stuff; have both. Make a list of goals for your job or business. Also, dream big! Aim to be the CEO of a super valuable company, retire by 35, or make enough money to live well without working more than 40 hours a week. Some goals might fit on both lists, like retiring early or having a job that feels more like fun than work. Having
  7. Don’t let your goals scare you too much. Choose some that don’t feel overwhelming. If all your goals terrify you, you might avoid them altogether. It’s important to have a mix of goals—some that challenge you and others that seem easier to achieve. This way, you’ll stay motivated and feel confident in reaching some of your goals while pushing yourself with others. A mix of goals helps you focus on different aspects of your life and dream big too!

This is just how I set goals and make sure I’m on the right path to success. But there are a few more things you should think about. Try setting goals with your family and your spouse. It’s been really helpful for me. My wife and I set goals about 7 months ago, and it’s surprising how many goals we set for two years are already happening. It’s also funny how we haven’t even started some goals we planned to finish in 30 days, haha.

Whenever I do something, I try to keep God at the forefront. It doesn’t mean I go to church every Sunday or that I think I’m perfect. I often feel far from the person I should be, but that’s a different topic. I believe in having faith in every part of life. For a long time, I thought God didn’t belong in my work or goals; I only turned to Him when I needed something. Now, I realize He’s more important to me than that. So, I make sure to involve Him in everything I do, both in my personal life and in my work.

I hope this encourages you to skip those yearly resolutions that many of us forget by the end of January. Instead, set some goals that are easy to reach and a few that might be a bit challenging. These goals can truly make a positive change in our lives.

Happy New Year, and I’m confident that 2020 will be an awesome year!

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