Blessings are all around us

A serene landscape with sunlight filtering through trees symbolizes blessings.

Blessings are all around us

“God can give you all the grace you need, so that you will always have everything you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause.” – 2 Corinthians 9:8

Hi, it’s your friend Dan Greer, and I’ve got some cheerful wisdom for you, just like a sunny day at a San Diego beach!
As I sit here looking at the ocean, I feel really lucky. Picture this: I’m relaxing on the deck of an amazing beach house in lovely San Diego, where each day ends with a breathtaking sunset created by God.
A little while back, we went tide pooling, and guess what? Some cool kids found an octopus! They not only found it but also shared the discovery with other kids, making memories that will stick around.
But here’s the real treasure, folks. Blessings aren’t just about trips and perfect moments. They’re a way of thinking.
Let’s go back to when Jenna and I were tight on money (excuse my language, but it’s true). Even back then, I felt lucky. Why? I had an amazing life partner, someone I could argue with and grow alongside.
Jump ahead to our little ones, our kids. Every day with them is a blessing, even when they’re having their usual sibling arguments. Blessings, you know, depend on how you look at things.
When our business throws us some tough challenges, I consider it a blessing. These difficulties aren’t curses; they’re chances for us to get better. Always remember, God doesn’t only choose people who are already skilled; He helps and qualifies those He chooses!
Now, coming back to what I want to say—being blessed isn’t about reaching a place or having lots of things. It’s about how you think and choose to see the good things in life. 

And you know what? It’s entirely up to you whether you feel blessed or not. No one else gets to decide that. It’s all in your hands.
Some people might think having a business is a bad thing, but not me! For me, working on our business has been a continuous blessing, even in the middle of all the daily chaos.

Talking about blessings, here’s something new I learned from my amazing partner, Jenna. We decided to try deep-sea fishing as a family, a first for most of us (except Jenna, who did it when she was a kid).
After about an hour on our adventure, Nathen decided to feed the fish (if you know what I mean). Then, half an hour later, Jenna also joined in. Well, about an hour and a half later, I thought, “Why not join the fun too?”

Now, Jenna, with all her kindness, has surpassed us all in the fish-feeding part. But what surprised me even more was her attitude. As we got off the boat, her first words were, “That was so much fun; I’m so glad we went—what a blessing!”
As for me, I was still trying to get used to standing on solid ground again, but Jenna’s positive view that everything was a blessing stuck with me.

Now, let’s get things done, my friends.
Remember those times when good things happened but you didn’t notice? Can you think of any? I definitely can, like when I got seasick recently (still feeling a bit wobbly, ha!).
Take a moment to stop and thank God for those blessings, even the ones that weren’t right in front of you.
Take care, my friends! And always remember, feeling blessed is a choice you make every single day.
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