Are you qualified?

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Are You Qualified?

“God doesn’t choose those who are already qualified; He qualifies the ones He chooses.”

Last night, sitting in our beach house, the kids were scrolling through the available videos. 

They stumbled upon the DreamWorks movie “The Prince of Egypt.” If you haven’t watched it, I’d suggest giving it a try.

It’s a pretty faithful depiction of Moses’s life, up to the moment just after they crossed the sea.

While watching the movie, a few thoughts crossed my mind. First and foremost, God is capable of anything!

When you start feeling down or doubting your ability to achieve what you’ve set out to do, just remember that God can part the Red Sea and bring seven plagues upon the land of Egypt.

He can surely assist you in completing your task, as long as you don’t lose heart.

Another thought that crossed my mind was that people haven’t changed much since the time of Moses.

Consider this… 

Moses convinced the pharaoh to release the Hebrews after years of slavery.

But when they reached the Red Sea, they all started turning on him! 

“Why did you bring us out of Egypt just to die out here?” was just one of the things they said.

And they did it again, just after crossing the Red Sea. 

“Why did you bring us out of Egypt to wander the desert and die out here???”

As humans, we often lose sight of the blessings God has given us, even if He granted us something amazing just yesterday!

The last thing that struck me is that God doesn’t choose those already qualified; instead, He qualifies the ones He calls.

What I’m getting at is that Moses wasn’t inherently qualified to lead the people of Israel. He struggled with speech and had a lot of self-doubt.

I mean, he literally asked God to find someone else to speak on his behalf to the Pharaoh and the Hebrews.

God didn’t choose Moses because he was already qualified.
It was actually the complete opposite!! So, the next time you feel unqualified for what you’re called to do, remember that God doesn’t choose those already qualified; He qualifies the ones He calls!

Take action!

Today, I encourage you to take a moment and read Moses’s story.

After reading (or listening to) it, take a moment to think about all you’ve accomplished. Reflect on whether you were initially qualified for those tasks or if you became qualified by accomplishing them.

Next, consider what it means to have a herd mentality, where you simply follow what everyone else is doing.

Now, take a moment to reflect on the times that made you qualified. Were they because you followed the herd, or did you think outside the box and break away from the crowd?

A little more?

Do we actively select our missions, or do our missions sometimes choose us? When I became a CLD tester, I was confident that I had chosen my mission.

But looking back on that “choice,” I’m not so certain that I chose that mission. It might have chosen me!

The more I reflect on it, I am certain that IT chose me.

I might have thought, “It would be nice to make a couple of hundred dollars a week to start with. Or perhaps it would be nice to be recognized as a CDL tester in our community.”

Was I initially qualified to be a CDL tester when I first started considering it?

Absolutely not! 

I was a decent driver, but I lacked the people skills needed to be an excellent tester.

I can still recall the first few tests I conducted.

In one instance, as the tester, I said, “Up ahead, pull the truck over to the right side of the road and secure it as if we were going to get out and check something at the rear of the vehicle.”

In the beginning, well, more like the first year, when I instructed the driver to pull over, they would often look at me and ask, “Did I do something wrong?” 

Now, I’ve learned how to communicate it in a way that doesn’t make them wonder if they’ve done something wrong.

My point here is that initially, I wasn’t a qualified tester, but now I am overqualified and have assisted many others in becoming qualified CDL testers.

Eclipse DOT follows a similar path.

When I launched the business, was I qualified to be a business owner? 

Absolutely not!

However, I felt a calling to run this business, so I did my best.

Now, three years later, I still might not be fully qualified, but I am much more equipped for the job than when I started.

The same holds true for God’s first life!

When embarking on a new project, we typically aren’t initially qualified to accomplish it.

But as it progresses, we often become more than qualified for that project, as long as we put in the effort and give it our best shot!

The next time you think you can’t do something because you don’t know how to do it, just remember that no one is qualified when they are called to start a new project.

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