Being nice can get you what you want

A person smiles and helps others, showcasing the power of kindness.

Being nice can get you what you want

Hey everyone, it’s me, Dan Greer, coming into your life from the sunny backyard of our cozy vacation spot just outside Dallas, Texas. We’re on the job, handling the task of moving more than 230 titles after a recent company merger. And the cool part? We’re making business seem enjoyable!

Today is the start of our Lone Star journey, and I’ve got a special trick for success called “Introduction Day.” It’s when we dive in, meet the important people, and make sure everything runs as smoothly as a Texan two-step.

I’ve been through a lot, and here’s the key advice I’ve found: Spend time connecting with people who can make things happen, and your journey will become much easier.

We set our alarms early and strolled into the office a whole ten minutes before our planned time because, let’s be honest, being on time is my thing. Without wasting any time, we jumped right into the work. Why? We’d already had a chat with the important people in the company.

Here’s a helpful tip: When you have a goal, don’t waste time. Show that you’re fully committed to getting the job done quickly. It’s not just about respecting their time; it’s about showing you’re serious about your work.

After preparing a good bunch of around 25 titles, we headed to the vehicle registration office. But hang on, folks; we took a scenic detour and ended up at the wrong office not once, but twice! It’s a classic mix-up, isn’t it?

But sticking with it really works. Eventually, we hit success, waited in line, chatted casually with the clerks, and smiled warmly. That’s when we met Mrs. Stacy, the expert on handling batches of titles.

Guess what? She said, “Oh, we’re not new to these titles. We’ve done this dance before!”

I thought everything would be easy, but Mrs. Stacy surprised me. She said, “Yep, someone tried this a while back, but the paperwork was messier than a rolling weed in a dusty storm, and there are taxes to deal with.”

You could see she was a bit worried, thinking we might be up to something tricky. So, I used my big smile to calm her down. I told her we just wanted to make things easier for them and needed some help to finish the task.

Mrs. Stacy called the boss, and they joined in, using a bright red marker. They marked our papers with a lot of energy, like rounding up cattle, and said, “Here’s what needs fixing!”

I asked a couple more questions, still smiling a lot, and bit by bit, Mrs. Stacy became friendlier. She said, “Here’s what’s really going on. If you make these changes, we can work together on this. Just a few fixes, and we’ll be on the same page.” 

“Great! Can I come by later today with a few things for you to check, so we can keep this big party going?”

“Sure, we’d love to help you get things on track. Thanks for being easy to work with!” We gave one more smile and said goodbye, promising to come back for another round of “Super Bros. Smash Party.’ (You know I love a good laugh.)

The next time I walked in, I waved at the lady behind the counter. She stopped what she was doing and gave me a really cheerful wave back. It wasn’t just a regular wave-like, “Oh great, he’s back.” It was more like, “Hi friend, so happy to see you again!”

I waited patiently for her to finish helping another customer. While waiting, I chatted casually with her colleagues. When she was finally free, we had a good conversation. She was really friendly and even asked me some personal questions. I answered with a big, sincere smile.

She looked closely at my papers and said, “I just need one more sheet for this. Can you get it?”

“Let me check really fast. Can I step away for a quick call?” “Sure, take your time, and I’ll be here to help.”

I called, got the form, and asked if I could email it. She kindly gave me her work email, and I sent it right away. 

She said, “Come back this afternoon, and we’ll take care of everything for you.”

So, we rushed back to the office, working late into the night to prepare the remaining 200 titles for the big showdown. Now, you might be wondering, “Dan, this is an exciting story, but why be kind to others to get what you need?” Well, my dear readers, it’s all about understanding the unspoken messages.

We walked into a tough situation where people were upset, like the feeling you get from a Texas sunset. By just being really nice to everyone on that important first day, we got almost everyone on our side, ready to grab success.

The key here is being real. If you’re fake or give fake compliments, you’re as lost as a tumbleweed in the desert. It has to be genuine. As I sit here thinking about the day, I’m truly amazed by what we achieved just by being kind and giving honest compliments.

Here’s the important thing to remember today: Be nice and give real compliments. I guarantee you can find at least ten kind things to spread around you today. Heck, on most days, I can do that in about ten seconds!

In conclusion, let me share this: Initially, we had planned a three-week stay in Dallas to complete this project. But, thanks to our actions and the way we harmonized with others, we wrapped it up in less than two weeks!

To wrap it all up, we don’t take credit for that; we tip our Stetsons to the Big Guy upstairs. Without His guidance, this wouldn’t have been achievable. We recognize He’s the reason for everything, the beacon lighting our path.

So, my friends, wrapping it all up, I’m signing off with this message: Attribute all the good in your life to God. Catch you on the flip side!

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