Find A Way

Find A Way

Find a Way

When we try, we can always find a solution to make things work.

Take a few moments to read these verses.

A few guys brought a man who couldn’t move his body on a small bed and wanted to show him to Jesus. But they couldn’t get through the crowd blocking the door. So, they climbed up on the roof, made a hole, and lowered the man down with ropes, right in front of Jesus. Luke 5:18–19

These guys were carrying the paralyzed man, maybe about 6–10 of them. They wanted to reach Jesus in the crowd so the paralyzed man could be healed. But they couldn’t push through the crowd. So, they started searching for another way to get him to Jesus. Then, one of them had an idea: “Let’s carry him up onto the roof and lower him down!

At that moment, some guys started to feel unsure. They said, “No, it won’t work.” Now, there were only 4-5 guys left to help. One climbed up on the roof and started making a hole. Meanwhile, a couple of others figured out how to get the paralyzed man up on the roof. Yet another group started working on a way to lower him down.

I imagine one of them stayed with the paralyzed man, keeping him updated. Like a sports announcer, saying, “Jim made it up onto the roof and found a good spot. Now he’s taking off the cover. Oh, Ben and Mike found some long poles, and they’re setting them up like an A to lift you. Here comes John with some rope.”

Do you feel how exciting this is? Everyone is working together for the same goal! Here’s something interesting: None of these guys who are still helping would give up.

When the crowd blocked them, they searched for a different way. Even when their first plan failed, they didn’t give up. They kept searching and searching until they found a way that worked.

Many times, when things get hard, we quit. We give up and say, “I can’t do it,” or “It’s impossible.”

The truth is, it’s possible! If you believe that God is helping you, you can do anything!

Today, we want to tell you to never quit. When things get hard, you need to get stronger and find a solution to make it work. Never give up! With God, everything is possible.


Dear God, today we ask for strength. Strength to stay strong even when things don’t go as we planned. Strength when we can’t seem to find a solution. God, we believe in your greatness, and we know that with you, all things are possible. We understand that you are working through us, and we are grateful to be part of your mission. Help us recognize your presence and assistance. Just like the stonecutter who kept swinging until the 102nd swing broke the stone and revealed an amazing geode. What if he had stopped at 50, 75, or even 101 swings? He never knew how close he was until it broke open. Give us the same strength to keep going and never give up. Thank you, Lord, for everything you have done for us. Amen.

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