Faith it till you make it

Faith It Till You Make It

Faith, It Till You Make It

Step into the courage you’ve lacked to become the person you aspire to be. Over time, you’ll realize you’ve always been that person. Until it’s clear, embrace pretending and inventing. Paulo Coelho

How can you maintain faith until success? We’ve all heard of faking it till you make it, but that’s not a mantra I could embrace. Staying true to oneself seemed more genuine and worthwhile on my journey.

Using money, you don’t possess means squandering time that could be better utilized. Creating an illusion of success for others while you’re descending further into difficulties. It’s a cycle of deception and decline.

Faking things has never been my strong suit. If you don’t enjoy it, just skip it. There’s this saying that if what you’re doing doesn’t bring joy, you might be on the wrong track. Ever heard that? It’s a good reminder to find happiness in what you do.

How does having faith until success differ from pretending until success? When you have faith, you trust in God to provide what you need for success, relieving yourself of the pressure to achieve it independently. You let God handle the burden, placing your confidence in divine support on the journey to success.

I’m not suggesting you simply wait, saying, “If it’s God’s will, it’ll happen.” My grandma’s fridge had a saying: “All things come to those who wait, as long as they work hard while waiting.” It’s about combining patience with effort for success.

As a kid, I didn’t grasp the saying. Growing older, I observed others aiming for success, and it clicked. If you don’t put in the effort, God can’t bless you. Working for your goals opens the door for divine blessings, a realization that dawned on me with time and observation.

Winning the race or hitting a home run doesn’t happen by staying on the sidelines or in the dugout. To have a shot at success or even face failure, you must actively participate in the game. Fear often holds us back from taking the leap, preventing us from embracing opportunities and challenges that come our way.

Having faith until you make it means trusting that, whether you win or lose, you’re actively participating and giving it your best shot in the game. 

I encourage you to do this now. Look at where you are in life. Is it what you expected? Do you have what you thought you would? If the answer is no, acknowledge it. Whether you lack much or expect to be further, it’s a moment to reflect and consider what changes or efforts can shape your path ahead.

Pause and reflect on moments where you lacked faith in the outcome. Examine instances where you chose to give up instead of persevering.

Thomas Edison persisted through 9000 attempts before successfully inventing the lightbulb. Imagine if he quit after the first, hundredth, or even the thousandth tries. What if he threw his hands up, saying, “I give up”? His determination highlights the importance of resilience and not giving up on our goals, no matter how challenging they seem.

Initially, he might not have known where to begin. Perhaps he followed unproductive paths. Eventually, he might have thought, “I can’t do this.” It illustrates the common challenges one faces while navigating uncertainty and finding the right direction toward success.

He held onto faith in his project and mission, persistently trying to figure things out. Reflecting on past obstacles, let’s now focus on the future. What projects are you currently working on? It’s a moment to consider your goals and keep moving forward with determination and purpose.

Do you have any big, scary projects on the horizon? If yes, like mine, let’s have faith until we make it together. Before diving in, let’s say a quick prayer to ensure we’ve got the right support team on our side.

Let’s trust that we’re the right fit for the job. We were picked because we can get it done. When things don’t go smoothly, we stay strong. If the first video fails, we step back in front of the camera and try again. Never give up; persistence is key!

Finally, when we achieve success, take a moment to express gratitude where it’s deserved. Thank our support system and those who helped us where we faltered. Show appreciation to those who contributed ideas.

Most importantly, thank the higher power for granting the faith to complete the project successfully. Let’s go out there and keep the faith until we make it!

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