Dream So Big It Scares Others!

Dream so big it Scares Others


“Persist in pursuing your true desires. The one with big dreams holds more power than the one with all the facts.”

Lately, I’ve been tuning in to Shark Tank. In case you’re not familiar, it’s a TV show where folks with a business idea try to convince a group of 5–6 investors, known as “sharks,” to buy a share of their business.

In exchange, they get a business buddy who puts money into their company. After that, they work on making their business bigger and better. Since I’m an entrepreneur too, I like watching and picking up lessons from each pitch on the show.
Some products or businesses seem promising when introduced, and I can see their potential. On the other hand, there are some products that make you wonder how anyone could believe they’re a good business idea. It’s hard to imagine that they could ever succeed!
When I watch the show, it makes me think about our business. I started thinking about the things we could do and where we wanted to go with them. It gets me a bit excited, but also a bit scared. I have this incredible gift from God—I can dream really big. Seriously!

I dream so big that it scares most people when they ask me about our business goals. One of my dreams is to create a conference center that looks like a truck. I know what you’re thinking—Dan, that sounds awesome!
Oh, you didn’t think that? What’s going on? I’ve had this dream for a while. The other day, I was checking social media and found a guy drawing truck pictures. It was cool. I love dreaming big, and this idea just clicked with me. I can’t wait to see where it goes!
I asked him how much he’d charge to make special pictures of our customers’ trucks. I just wanted to know the cost of creating custom images, you know, for their trucks.

Why not? Later, as we got closer, I asked if he could make a picture of my upcoming event center.
Surprisingly, he was eager to make it! We discussed what I wanted, he suggested an idea, and then we made some adjustments together.

I made some additional adjustments to the picture, and then I made a few more changes. I decided to include some elk in the picture, just for fun. Lol.
He added lights to the building and sent it back to me. I loved it! What did I do next? I got the picture printed on a canvas to hang up in my office and enjoy it every day.
Every day, I get to see my dream come true! Each time I look at it, I take a moment to think about the future. Many would just have the idea, but I’ve turned it into a reality.

Not me, though. I acted on the idea, taking the first step toward creating something amazing!
The other day, my family and I had a good laugh while watching an animated movie at home. The film featured superheroes and villains, making it an enjoyable time together.
In the movie, a billionaire launches a rocket from his house. My son Nathen asked, “Dad, where’s your rocket? Every billionaire needs one!” It made me laugh, imagining a rocket in our house. Kids have a way of turning movies into funny, real-life moments.
We burst into laughter. If you’re curious about how my future events center will look, check out the picture above. It gives you a glimpse of what I envision.
I want to inspire you to dream big! Imagine goals so huge that they make everyone around you a bit nervous!
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