Doing what’s best for your customers, not your business

Illustration of a person prioritizing customer needs over business profits

Doing What’s Best for Your Customers, Not Your Business

Success isn’t about the money you make; it’s about the quality of work you offer to others.

“Remember, you’re helping a customer, not stuck with a lifelong task. Find joy in your work.” Laurie McIntosh. That’s so true.
In my career and all our businesses, we’ve stuck to a few important principles. First, we don’t just provide customers with what they want; we give them what they truly need. Second, we always prioritize what is best for the customer. Third, we make sure everything we do is guided by our faith in God. Lastly, we put the customer first, even if it means taking a hit to our businesses.
Let’s simplify and break those down to make them easier to understand.
We don’t just give customers what they want; we provide what they truly need. It might sound simple, but dealing with customers or employees shows that what someone wants and needs can be very different. That’s why our success across various platforms and industries relies on underselling and overdelivering. Early in our careers, we learned that if you promise more than you deliver,
Imagine if Walt Disney had built Disneyland but never made any improvements. Picture that. It wouldn’t have the same great feeling it has today. In life, we need to do the same—constantly work on making things better; you lose customers, and the ones you keep aren’t happy. That’s why we always seek ways to enhance our customer experiences.

Providing people with what they truly need takes time, energy, and effort. It’s not easy. However, when you go above and beyond, people are willing to pay a bit more because they trust that you’ll be there for them. They recognize that you’re always working to make their experience better.
Always choose what’s right for the customer.

Now, let’s discuss always doing what’s best for the customer. I once had a salesperson who sold something to a customer that they didn’t really need.
After a bit into the contract, the customer contacted us, saying, “I’m not sure we’re getting what we really need!” As a business owner, these are words you never want to hear because they could lead to negative discussions with your friends and others who might need our services. Word of mouth can either be our best advertisement or our toughest competition.
Now, going back to the oversold contract, I promptly contacted the company and asked how we could help them stay on the right track. I offered to provide a few more estimates with different options to meet their actual goals. I sent three estimates, each offering different levels of service, ensuring what was best for both companies.

They replied, saying they wanted to continue working with us and appreciated that we were willing to collaborate with them.
The lesson here is that we could have lost that customer forever, all because one salesperson wanted a larger commission. They didn’t prioritize what was best for the customer or our business. Now, they’re no longer selling our products, and they won’t ever again!
It’s really important to have a strong moral guide!
That’s why we ensure that God is the reason behind everything we do. Whether you call Him God, the big guy, the leader of the world, or whatever, He’s the best moral guide. As a business rooted in Christian values, we believe it’s crucial to keep God at the center of everything.
This doesn’t mean we can’t aim to make money, but we strive to do it with strong morals. If a customer isn’t happy, we try to help them. If someone truly needs assistance, we offer a helping hand. There’s a difference between giving a handout and offering a hand-up, but that’s a topic for another blog. (Literally, we’ve already written about it—check out our shameless plug!)

Always keep the big guy in mind as the reason behind everything you do.
Always prioritizing what’s best for the customer, even if it affects our businesses, won’t be easy. There will be times when tough decisions need to be made, like letting go of an employee or renegotiating a contract. One crucial thing to remember is to live by your principles. I figured out a while ago that if it comes down to doing what’s right or making money, I’ll choose to do what’s right.
Because when I do what’s right, the money will come. I don’t stress about the number of zeros in the bank account; instead, I concentrate on having happy customers! Providing good customer service is crucial for success.
In business and life, various things can happen, and many are beyond your control. What you can control is how you respond, how you treat others, and the decisions you make. If you prioritize your customers and genuinely care about them, you’re bound to succeed!
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