You’re only stuck when you stop moving

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During my childhood, my grandpa used to impart a simple yet profound wisdom: “You’re only stuck when you stop moving!” He often referred to a tractor navigating through the wet parts of a field, but his words held a deeper truth about life.

Life is a continuous journey, always in motion. I’ve come to realize that the only instances when I’ve felt truly stuck were when I allowed myself to come to a standstill.

During my tenure at Crossfire, it seemed like I was always progressing. I experienced frequent promotions, shifts in my job responsibilities, and the challenge of building a DOT program from the ground up. Even when we were acquired by another major corporation, the momentum didn’t stop.

In essence, over the span of 5.5 years, I never once felt stagnant.

While working as an equipment operator for San Juan County before my time at Crossfire, I often found myself feeling stagnant, despite numerous opportunities for advancement. It wasn’t until near the end of my tenure there that I finally began to seize those opportunities.

Ultimately, the crucial factor lies in our self-motivation and drive.

We always have the opportunity to move forward. Whether we choose to act or remain stagnant is entirely up to us. I’m here to emphasize that the majority of people prefer to stay in their comfort zones, while only a small fraction—the 1%—are constantly in motion.

It’s this minority that tends to be the most successful, not necessarily in terms of financial wealth but in their overall fulfillment and happiness. They find joy and satisfaction in what they do and where they are in life, consistently striving for progress and growth.

At some point in our lives, we all find ourselves in ruts. However, it’s up to us to decide whether we’ll actively work to steer ourselves out of those ruts or simply coast along and remain stuck.

Escaping from these ruts can be challenging, particularly if they’re deep, and many others are also caught in them. But with determination and effort, it’s possible to overcome these obstacles and chart a new course.

You might currently find yourself stuck in various ruts, such as excessive social media use, binge-watching TV for hours on end, relying solely on one news source for information, being consumed by fear and hesitancy, avoiding new experiences, hesitating to pursue remarkable opportunities, overindulging in alcohol at night, and the list goes on.

Have you ever experienced getting stuck in a rut while driving your car or navigating through a swampy area on an ATV? The crucial thing to remember is to keep moving. If you come to a halt, you run the risk of getting stuck, or at the very least, it becomes much more challenging to regain momentum.

Seeking assistance from someone to pull you out of your current situation can be incredibly helpful. The key lies in making small corrective actions.

Attempting to make drastic changes in your life, akin to jerking the wheel sideways, can lead to tipping over and becoming even more stuck than before.

However, if you make a slight adjustment to the wheel and maintain a steady throttle, you can gradually ascend out of the ruts and onto dry ground.

I understand there are numerous analogies here, but the crucial point to remember is to never stop moving! Regardless of your current circumstances or endeavors, you only become stuck when you cease to move forward.

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