You Have To Stand Up To Run

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Lately, the pace of change in our lives has been remarkably swift. Just last Monday, I woke up to find myself entertaining the idea of acquiring not just one but multiple businesses by the end of the week. The thought is undeniably daunting, yet it’s also incredibly exhilarating!

The remarkable aspect of this whole situation is that early Monday morning, I found myself thinking, “Gosh, it feels like we’ve been sprinting a million miles an hour lately.”

It’s as if the divine responded, “Dan, you’ve merely been crawling; stand up so you can walk.” It never fails to astonish me how, in our current circumstances, we often perceive ourselves as overwhelmed.

When I initially began my employment at Basin Coop, merely a few years ago, working in their feed mill, I was astounded by the pace at which I needed to operate. At least, that’s what I thought at the time.

However, when I transitioned to Crossfire and assumed the role of their DOT manager, entrusted with establishing and executing their DOT program from scratch, I realized what it truly meant to be in motion.

As we ventured into launching our businesses, I felt like I was running. And now, as we continue to expand and scale our operations, it seems like I’m running even faster. Every task and endeavor seem to demand a sprinting pace, but it’s all about how we manage it.

Recently, I brought one of our employee experience professionals along on a business trip. About halfway through, he remarked, “Dan, you must be the most productive guy I know.” After chuckling, I inquired, “What makes you say that?” His response caught me off guard.

“Well, we’ve been together for a solid three days, from 8 a.m. to about 9:30 p.m.,” he explained. “When we got stranded in construction, you didn’t panic. Instead, you took a moment to assess the situation and then suggested some team-building activities to make the most of our 4.5 hours with no cell service and no natural way to work.

“Even after we decided to return to an area with cell service, you didn’t immediately dive into your computer. Instead, you used the time to brainstorm new strategies for growth. Only after that did you begin to make some calls.”

You never seem to stay still. In fact, you even listen to your books while driving at 1.75 times the normal speed they’re ready at.

Most people would be bewildered by this, thinking, ‘What on earth is this? I can’t even comprehend it.’ But you absorb what you hear and actively engage by asking questions about it.

What strikes me the most about this trip is that, despite thinking I had a lot going on, I don’t. Yet, with your overflowing plate, most people couldn’t even fathom handling half of what you do.

Despite all this, you remain approachable, grounded, and genuinely interested in listening to almost anyone. You excel at managing everything with grace and ease.

It gave me pause for thought, although, I admit, not the most productive use of time. Why do I push forward at such a rapid pace?

The reality is that I recognize the vast capabilities God has instilled within me. And they’re substantial.

Moreover, I consistently surrender it back to Him. In times of success, the credit belongs to Him. During challenging moments, we seek answers and solace in Him.

When considering the acquisition of new businesses, we seek His guidance to ensure it’s the right decision. The essence of this blog is recognizing that we’re all busy, all feeling like we’re in a constant hustle. Yet, we each move at our own pace.

Comparing myself to someone managing a larger business with numerous moving parts would make it seem like I’m standing still. Similarly, reflecting on where I was a decade ago, I’d appear stagnant, despite feeling like I was sprinting then.

So, here’s to standing up and taking the first step into this new world.
P.S. We’re excited to share more about what’s to come, and I’m certain that as you continue to follow us, you’ll hear all about it.

If you know me, you know I despise keeping secrets, but I’m obliged to maintain confidentiality a bit longer. Rest assured, once I can divulge the amazing changes coming to our community, you’ll be the first to know.


Today, you have the power to choose to see the bright side of things. It’s all about perspective. Every situation offers an opportunity for growth. You can either dwell on the negative and feel disheartened, or you can take a proactive step forward.

Reflect on past events in your life. Compare the decisions you made, the pace at which you were moving, or any other relevant factor to where you are today. Ask yourself: Is your current situation better or worse than before? If it’s better, what contributed to this improvement? If it’s worse, what factors led to this decline?

While it’s natural to observe others and their progress, avoid comparing yourself to them unless it serves as motivation to propel you forward.

Until next time,

Dan Greer

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