Why you should never separate God and business/work

Illustration of a person with hands in prayer and a briefcase, symbolizing integration of faith and work

Why You Should Never Separate God and Business/Work

Okay, you all know that I have a deep faith as a Christian.

However, it hasn’t always been this way. There was a period in my life when I wouldn’t discuss God anywhere except in my home or at church.

I used to be what some call a “Sunday Christian.”

Then, God opened my eyes and reassured me that it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about Him at work. He revealed that people are curious about him no matter where I am. He showed me that my social platforms are excellent spaces to share about Him and that others are interested in knowing more about Him too.

The other day, someone called me and said, “Dan, I wish I had the courage and strength you do in talking about God.” I asked them to explain.

They replied, “Well, you’re unafraid to discuss God in any setting! You include verses on your web pages, and you acknowledge Him in every part of your life. You give Him full credit for everything that’s happened to you.”

They mentioned something that had never occurred to me before: I attribute everything to God. I’m not afraid of acknowledging Him, expressing my love for Him, and recognizing that He works through me.

I firmly believe in God’s existence and His involvement in my business, just as He does in countless other businesses worldwide. God desires our success, our prosperity, and our victories.

Why let fear of losing a customer prevent you from embracing the best thing for your business—acknowledging God? Consider how you can integrate God into your life and work, adding value and purpose. I encourage you to be a passionate, committed Christian in all aspects of your life, not one who is lukewarm!

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