Why I pray all day, every day

Illustration of a person in prayer, symbolizing the act of continuous prayer.

Why I Pray All Day, Every Day

Ever felt like something was missing in your life? I’m sure you have—it’s a common feeling.

Growing up, my home was steeped in Christianity. Mom never missed church on Sundays or Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) during the week. Her Bible was a fixture on the table, and Dad effortlessly quoted scripture.

But that’s not why I pray.

While I owe much of my faith to my parents, they aren’t the sole reason I pray.

About a year and a half into launching Eclipse DOT, during one of our frequent road trips, my wife and I had a candid conversation. I expressed my frustration about the business’s slow progress and my inability to accelerate its growth.

She then asked me a simple question: “Have you prayed about it?”

To be completely honest, the answer was a resounding “No!”

Why would I turn to God for help with a business? After all, it revolves around making money, and the Bible warns that “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

She was correct. Why hadn’t I sought guidance through prayer? Why was I harboring all this fear and doubt alone?

Right then and there, we prayed together. That moment marked a turning point for the business. I relinquished my role as CEO, and we designated God as the CEO.

We resolved that no matter how much the company expands, God will always have a significant presence in it.

From then on, my focus shifted from fretting over the company’s growth to considering how we could align it with God’s purpose. We launched a weekly devotional called God First and incorporated Bible verses at the bottom of every webpage.

On a personal level, I intensified my prayers, seeking divine guidance for every decision and meeting.

Before meetings, I make it a point to send up a quick prayer: “God, we trust that You are in control and have everything under Your care. Please guide our words to ensure this meeting is fruitful. Let your will prevail in every situation.”

The changes were immense, almost instantaneous. In July, we decided to change our CEO, and by September, we were prompted to break away from my other job and pursue our venture independently.

We maintain a strong faith foundation in the company. We pray before every event and major meeting, seeking God’s guidance to grow the company according to His plan. We ask for continued direction to understand how we can contribute to His work through this business.

As any good CEO does, sometimes God has to tell us “no” when we bring up hair-brained ideas. That’s okay; we understand.

Within our first year of independence, we experienced tremendous growth (over 2000%, to be exact).

I vividly recall our accountant going over our first year’s taxes with us. While she was encouraging, I could sense doubt in her eyes as we discussed our goals for the upcoming years.

Recently, she called me to express amazement at our progress. When I shared our earnings for the year with her, she was stunned. “How did you know?” she asked.

My response left her stunned: “I prayed earnestly and listened closely to God’s guidance regarding our earnings, placing my trust in Him. So, how accurate was He?”

“Within a few thousand dollars,” she replied.

Many times, we separate God from business, influenced by the misconception that God and business don’t mix. We’ve been conditioned to confine God to our personal lives, but in reality, He has a place in every aspect, including business.

To me, God encompasses every part of my life and belongs to every aspect of it.

That’s why I pray continually—before every meeting, phone call, email, and afterward as well. God is in control of every facet of my life, from my marriage (love you, Jenna) and my children (big shout-out to Billy, Nathen, Brianna, and Jacob) to our businesses (Eclipse DOT, Eclipse Training), our nonprofit (God First Life Next), and everything else I undertake.

I’d like to encourage everyone reading this to pause for a moment and reflect: Is there any part of my life that I haven’t invited God into? Are there areas I’m trying to keep to myself because I think “God doesn’t belong there”?

The truth is, God belongs in every aspect of your life. He loves us and desires our success.

Remember to pray continually, rejoice always, and give thanks in all circumstances, for this aligns with God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:16–18).

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