Trusting God

Illustration of a person with hands raised in prayer, symbolizing trust in God

Trusting God

Having trust in God isn’t always a straightforward task.

Is it true? Honestly, I fail at earning trust every day—multiple times if I’m being completely honest.

Yet, amidst my shortcomings, one thing I’ve come to understand is that regardless of our failures, God always has our best interests at heart. He desires to see us succeed!

Never lose sight of that truth.

In Luke 11:11, it is written, “Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead?”

As a father myself, I can attest to the truth of this statement. So, why do I—and perhaps we—struggle to trust that God has everything under control?

The only explanation I can offer is that Satan is constantly active in everyone’s lives. He aims to instill doubt in us, questioning whether God can and will come through for us.

That’s Satan’s modus operandi. He plants seeds of doubt regarding God’s love for us. And when doubt takes root, fear begins to infiltrate our thoughts, our bodies, and eventually our souls.

How can I cultivate wholehearted trust in God?

The initial step involves aligning your mindset. Mindset serves as the cornerstone of success. If our mindset isn’t positive, it’s essential to make a change.

Numerous methods can shift our mindset. Personally, prayer proves to be the most effective for me. I continuously pray for God to shape my mindset by following His will, enabling me to fulfill His purposes.

Following that, it’s crucial to maintain an open mind and heart, allowing God to assume complete control.

During a different phase of my life, I frequently traveled for work. Every other Monday, I would board a flight, returning home on Fridays. There were months when I was only home on weekends, for which I was grateful. This routine persisted for 3.5 years.

It’s important to note that my wife had been married for over 10 years before this, and the longest we had ever been apart was for two consecutive nights. This adjustment was undeniably challenging, to say the least. I dreaded leaving the house on Monday mornings.

What fueled my perseverance was the understanding that, wherever I was headed, God had a purpose for me. He utilized me in every circumstance, orchestrating encounters with new individuals and initiating necessary conversations.

I had to shift my mindset to recognize that God had specific plans tailored for me. He provided opportunities, and it wasn’t until I opened my eyes to see that I realized His guidance and provision.

The crucial point to grasp is that, deep within your heart, God holds everything under His control.

When a client expresses a desire to back out of a contract, it’s important to recognize that God has a purpose behind it. He presents these challenges to teach us how to navigate such situations and facilitate our growth.

When we’re unable to secure that “giant” client, it’s because God has grander plans in store for us.

If we miss out on the job, we fervently desire, it’s because God has an even better opportunity awaiting us.

Every occurrence unfolds for a purpose. Once we recognize that God is not just a friend but also our constant guardian, we can relinquish our concerns about our circumstances and place our trust in God’s plan and timing.

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