The 7 WHYs

Illustration of seven interconnected 'why' questions, representing deeper inquiry and understanding

Have you ever heard of the 7 WHYs?

This is something I stumbled upon just a few years ago. It’s a simple yet powerful technique that uncovers the underlying reason behind your desires or needs.

Here’s how it works: You keep asking yourself, “Why?” repeatedly until you reach the core answer.

Recently, I guided a team member through this process, helping them unearth the true motivation behind their personal goals. While I won’t divulge their why—it’s their journey—I’m happy to share one of mine.

So, if you’re ready, I’m about to share something deeply personal and a tad intimidating for me.

Here it goes…

I found myself pondering the reasons behind my ambition to grow Eclipse DOT and build DOT Docs.

Let’s dive right in.

Question: Why do you want to build a company?

Answer: Because I see it as an opportunity to create something meaningful and impactful.

Q: Why do you want to start a company?

A: Because I want to assist others and earn money.

Q: Why do you want to help others and make money?

A: Because I want to give my family a great life.

Q: Why do you want to provide a great life for your family?

A: Because I don’t want my wife and kids to see me as a failure.

Q: Why do you think your wife and kids would see you as a failure?

A: Because I couldn’t provide for them, and they missed out on things they were supposed to experience.

Q: Why do you think they would miss out on things?

A: Because I missed out on things as a kid when funds were tight.

Q: Why do you think funds were tight?

A: Because my parents didn’t have a mindset of abundance.

Q: Why do you think having an abundance mindset is so important?

A: Because it lets you grow into anything you want and achieve what you believe is possible.

Q: Why is that so important?

A: Because a life without achievement isn’t fulfilling.

Q: Why is achievement important?

A: Because it measures significance.

Q: Why is importance crucial?

A: Because it influences how your kids perceive you.

We delved deeper than seven rounds of questioning, but we finally reached the core reason why I desired to launch a business.

It’s because I want my children to perceive my achievements as extraordinary. I don’t want them to view me as ordinary or just like everyone else. Instead, I hope they see me as someone who cares for others, fosters growth, and genuinely makes a difference in the world.

I rely on the 7 WHYs method whenever I face significant investment or decision-making situations. Before purchasing our plane, I conducted the 7 WHYs exercise multiple times to uncover the genuine motive (which, in case you’re curious, was to create unique family experiences and spend more quality time with them).

I’ll be completely honest with you: I recommend finding someone you trust deeply to undertake this exercise together.

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