Set Your Goals High This Year

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Set your goals high this year!

“Set a goal that captivates your mind, invigorates your spirit, and ignites your aspirations, and happiness will follow.” Andrew Carnegie

It’s that time of year again when we typically start making “New Year’s Resolutions.” But this year, I’m urging you to do something different. Instead of setting resolutions, I want you to set ambitious goals! Yes, you heard me right—audacious goals.

I want you to set goals that would make even the likes of Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Mark Zuckerberg, and yes, even Donald Trump, say, “Wow, I wish I had goals that big!”

Here are a couple of compelling reasons why you should ditch the resolutions and opt for big, audacious, and scary goals.

Firstly, let’s consider how long most people stick with their resolutions. Resolutions are often easier to break than goals. A goal is something we actively work towards. And even if we don’t reach our goal entirely, we’ve still made progress, which is far better than not starting at all.

The second reason is that resolutions tend to lack specificity compared to goals. When we resolve to get into better shape, it’s a great intention. But how often do we go to the gym or work out at home consistently? With a goal, like aiming to do 50 pushups or 100 sit-ups, or to jog for 30 minutes straight, we get specific. This specificity makes it easier to track our progress and stay motivated.

The third reason to abandon resolutions in favor of goals is accountability. When you set a goal, you naturally hold yourself more accountable. At work, during those “water cooler” conversations, everyone often discusses their resolutions and how long they lasted. With goals, there’s a greater sense of commitment and accountability to follow through.

Interestingly, hearing about your peers’ struggles with their resolutions can subconsciously make it easier for you to abandon yours as well. It’s as if their lack of commitment permits you to do the same.

When you set goals instead, your mind doesn’t associate them with the struggles of holding resolutions. Goals, unlike resolutions, signify a higher level of commitment and determination. Consequently, it becomes more challenging for you to quit early or give up.

Here are some tips for setting exceptional goals that you can realistically achieve.

1. Dare to set ambitious, even intimidating, goals. If you don’t dream big, you’ll never achieve it. Did Steve Jobs envision Apple as a company with just one product, the Mac Plus? Absolutely not! He aimed to revolutionize creativity worldwide.

2. Establish reward milestones. These should be tangible markers of your progress. For instance, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, celebrate when you reach 5, 10, 15, 17.5, and finally, 20 pounds lost.

Bear in mind that your rewards shouldn’t contradict your goal. For example, rewarding yourself with a cake for losing 5 pounds might undermine your progress. Instead, consider rewards like a weekend getaway once you’ve gained five new customers—these should align with your long-term objectives.

Each reward you establish should correspond to an achievement. For instance, when you reach 5 pounds lost, treat yourself to a healthy lunch outing. At 10 pounds, consider taking a day off from exercising. When you achieve the 20-pound milestone, reward yourself with something significant, like that bike you’ve always wanted but hesitated to purchase. These rewards serve as incentives to keep you motivated and committed to your success.

3.Share your goals with the world! One of the most effective ways to stay motivated and accountable is by sharing your goals with others. After all, if your goals remain a secret, how will anyone know if you don’t achieve them?

When you share your goals and deadlines with others, it boosts your motivation and keeps you focused on the path to success. I always begin by discussing my goals with my wife.

Without the support of your spouse, partner, or significant other, it’s challenging to even begin pursuing your goals. When they’re involved, they become your foremost source of encouragement, especially during challenging times.

Following that, I share my goals with my children. It’s surprising how their reminders, like “Daddy, are we still going on that vacation when you reach 20 clients?” or “How many clients did you say we need for our Disney World trip?” keep me motivated and accountable.

Then, I discuss my goals with my circle of influencers. When they’re aware of your aspirations, they become invested in your success. With a supportive circle, achieving your goals becomes more attainable as they actively work to help you reach your desired destination.

4. Finally, I announce my goals to the world via social media. Although I rarely disclose my financial goals there, I share many others. Typically, I share my big, audacious goals because those are the ones where I need the most support and encouragement.

Well, folks, that’s all for now. I hope you take what you’ve read here to heart and ditch those resolutions in favor of setting some audacious goals!

Go out there and create an impact.

P.S. One of my greatest aspirations is to expand the reach of our brands and businesses to over 1 million people within the next 5 years. As a reward, I plan to treat my entire family to a once-in-a-lifetime trip that will be enjoyed by all. (While I haven’t decided on the destination or activities yet, rest assured that I’ll keep you updated as we approach this milestone!)

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