Pivoting to where you need to be instead of where you want to be

Strategic pivoting concept: adapting to reach your destination.

Pivoting to Where You Need to Be Instead of Where You Want to Be

Whenever I make such decisions, I express gratitude to the higher power for guiding me. Making tough choices is never easy, but ultimately, it’s always worth it in the end.

Consider this: What if the creator orchestrates events in our lives to guide us onto the right path? Think about it for a moment. Have you ever experienced a life-altering event? Most likely, yes. What if such events occur to prompt us to pivot and align with our destined path? Imagine if we had never made those pivotal decisions and instead stayed on our original trajectory. Where would we be now? What opportunities and experiences would we have missed out on?

How would your life have turned out differently?

At the start of this year, everyone was forced to adapt. Many of us had to undergo significant changes in various aspects of life, including business, education, and daily routines. With schools closing and children needing to study from home, workplaces that previously resisted remote work had to reconsider. Some businesses had to shift entirely to digital operations, while restaurant owners were restricted to offering only takeout or delivery services. These changes represented major shifts for everyone involved.

Reflecting on the pivots we made this year, one of the most significant shifts was towards a more digital sales approach. Initially, this transition was challenging for us, as we thrived on face-to-face interactions and the energy of in-person meetings. Personally, adapting to conducting pieces of training via Zoom felt like speaking to a wall at times, despite my childhood knack for talking to anything, even a fence post! However, embracing the digital marketplace turned out to be one of our best decisions. It exponentially expanded our reach, allowing us to connect with over 1,000 times more people than before. This led to a steady increase in our client base, exceeding our expectations and enabling us to assist more individuals than ever before. If given the chance to do things differently, I would have embraced the shift to digital sooner, recognizing its immense potential for growth and impact.

Consider hiring a coach.

Another significant pivot we undertook was enlisting the support of a coach to guide us towards our goals. Despite experiencing growth, we recognized the need for external assistance to ensure we were progressing in the right direction. After thorough research and consultations with friends, we interviewed several coaches and ultimately hired one. It was a daunting but essential step for us. By holding ourselves accountable and learning from their guidance, we avoided the common pitfalls associated with pivoting. Hiring a coach proved to be incredibly beneficial, not only for our business but also on a personal level.

The final pivot I’ll discuss is the mental shift I underwent. I used to believe I was ineffective at sales, and unsurprisingly, I struggled to make sales. There were moments in meetings where I doubted my ability to close a deal, and as a result, I failed to secure sales. Conversely, I’ve also been in situations where I knew our product was the perfect fit for a client, and I approached those meetings with confidence. The difference in mindset made a tremendous impact. I’ve come to love sales because I firmly believe in the value our product offers. Having a positive mindset is crucial; if you believe you can achieve something, you will. Conversely, doubts can sabotage your efforts. Today, I approach sales with confidence, knowing that our service is genuinely beneficial to our clients and the world at large.

Have you ever had to make a choice—a pivot—in life that completely altered your outcome?

Numerous times, I’ve faced such pivotal decisions in life. Each time, I express gratitude to the higher powers for guiding me in making those tough choices. It’s never simple, but invariably, the outcome proves to be worth the struggle. These decisions consistently led me down the path I was meant to follow, even if it wasn’t the route I initially envisioned needing.

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