My Origin Story (Part 1)

My Origin Story (Part 1): The Beginning of a Journey Filled with Growth and Experiences.

My Origin Story (PART ONE)

“I may not yet know my purpose, but I aspire to exist for a greater cause. I aim to emulate the legacy of the greatest individuals in history.”
Will Smith

During my childhood, there were two occasions each year when a cattle truck would arrive early in the morning, and we would load calves onto it to be shipped to the sale barn. I was fascinated by these trucks, and I would gaze in wonder at their lights, sleepers, stacks, shiny wheels, and overall impressive appearance.

At 14 years old, I became a junior firefighter with our local volunteer fire department, which was an incredible experience.

I had the opportunity to ride in the fire trucks as we responded to wildland fires, assisting in bringing essential tools and supplies to support the team. I helped drag hoses, carried air tanks, and rushed back to the medical unit to fetch necessary supplies. Afterward, I was responsible for washing, rolling up, and reloading the hoses onto the trucks.

The most thrilling aspect, however, was riding in the trucks. Occasionally, we even had the chance to activate the sirens and adjust the light patterns.

The most thrilling aspect, however, was riding in the trucks. Occasionally, we even had the chance to activate the sirens and adjust the light patterns.

It was an incredible experience!
Once I turned 18, I made the decision to pursue my Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to drive 18-wheelers. I diligently studied the manual from cover to cover, visited the DMV, passed the written tests, and successfully obtained my Class A CDL Permit!

I had the opportunity to work for an amazing local agriculture company, Basin Coop, in their feed mill. Eventually, they began assigning me delivery tasks and pairing me with one of their top drivers for training.

During my initial trip, I vividly recall driving at around 35 mph and feeling as though I was soaring. Handling that massive rig was a stark contrast to sitting in the passenger’s seat. I was filled with fear. I questioned my abilities and wondered if I could truly handle this responsibility.

In no time, I was smoothly shifting gears up and down without any issues.

On the day of my CDL skills test, the weather was bitterly cold—around -5°F! Despite the freezing conditions, I completed my vehicle inspection successfully. However, as we headed to the test site, my truck experienced fuel gelling issues and wouldn’t run properly.

I was overwhelmed with nerves, fearing that I had failed the test right then and there. Thankfully, the tester remained understanding and reassuring. I remember him saying, “No worries; things happen. You’re handling the situation well, even with the truck trouble.”

After resolving the issue, we completed the test successfully.


Now, I hold my Class A CDL. Little did I know that for the next decade, I’d be trying to transition out of trucks! It’s funny, isn’t it?

Although I enjoyed driving, I realized my passion lay in operating machinery. Consequently, I changed jobs multiple times, aiming for roles as an equipment operator. However, each time I switched, my employers recognized my skills as a driver, leading me back to trucking. Talk about luck!

Eventually, I landed a job as an Equipment Operator II with the local county. I noticed that most of my colleagues seemed content with their roles, content with collecting their biweekly paychecks. It became evident that only a select few would ever rise to leadership positions.

Feeling a desire to contribute more to our community with my skills, I discovered that there was only one CDL tester in southwest Colorado. I felt a calling from a higher power to pursue becoming a tester myself.

At the beginning of this journey, I confided in only my wife. I suppose that way, if I didn’t succeed, it wouldn’t be as daunting to face everyone else.

I dedicated every spare moment to researching for about a week until I finally found the correct contact number for the CDL department in Colorado. When I called, miraculously, I managed to get in touch with someone.

During that conversation, I learned that achieving this goal wouldn’t be a walk in the park. First, I had to locate a CDL testing unit willing to consider me as a potential tester. Then, I had to cover the expenses of traveling to Denver and commit to a full week of training.

My mind raced with worries once again. We simply didn’t have the funds for this endeavor. Our household income was barely scraping $35k annually, and to be completely honest, I wasn’t sure how we were making ends meet. I attribute our resilience solely to my wife and the grace of God for keeping us afloat.

Nevertheless, I persisted with the idea. I arranged a meeting with the testing unit and then had a sit-down with their other tester.

She happened to be the sole tester in the entire region, so the decision to accept me was entirely in her hands. I made sure to present myself well as we met for coffee.

Anxieties plagued my thoughts: What if she didn’t approve of me? What if she didn’t want competition in her territory? Would she sabotage my efforts?

After about two weeks and after making about 20 calls to the CDL testing unit, they finally agreed to have me as a tester under their unit. All that was left was to arrange the training with the state authorities.

I reached out to the Colorado CDL testing department, making calls and sending messages to iron out the remaining details. Now, the challenge was securing the funds for travel expenses and taking a full week off from work.

Fortunately, I had accrued about four weeks of vacation time, so taking time off wasn’t a major issue. We decided to take a loan from my parents to purchase a one-way plane ticket to Denver. My family planned to drive up, and we would drive back together after the training.

The next puzzle to solve was accommodation for the week. Renting a hotel room and a car would significantly increase our expenses.

Doubt began to creep into my mind once again. What am I getting myself into? Why should my family suffer while I pursue this opportunity? Am I even capable of succeeding? Don’t waste your time; you won’t make it.

After pushing those negative thoughts aside, I reached out to one of my wife’s stepmom’s cousins who lived in the area. Shout out to Megan! You have no idea how much your assistance means to us.

Megan graciously agreed to pick me up from the airport and offered her home for my week-long stay. She even insisted I use her car since she would be away for the entire week due to work travel. Her kindness and support were invaluable during this time.

This was truly a blessing from above; there is no doubt about it. Megan’s kindness and support meant everything to us during this time.

After a challenging week of training and battling numerous doubts, this experience also marked the longest time I had spent away from my family since our marriage. But with perseverance, I achieved my goal and became an official CDL tester for the State of Colorado!

Little did I realize how much this step would alter the course of my life.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the story.

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