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My Grange Mentor

“We earn our livelihood through what we receive, yet we craft our existence through what we give,” says Winston Churchill.

Throughout our lives, each of us has been fortunate to encounter at least one guiding figure—a mentor. These mentors, drawn from various walks of life, offer us invaluable counsel, direction, experience, and wisdom. They could be our friends, family members, colleagues, or compassionate individuals invested in our growth as better individuals.

I crossed paths with Dan Greer back in 2015 during my visit to Durango, Colorado, while serving as the National Grange Youth Ambassador. Within just 30 minutes of Dan picking me up from the airport, a profound connection was forged, blossoming into a lifelong friendship. Since then, Dan has emerged as one of my most cherished mentors, imparting lessons on the significance of family, faith, self-assurance, intuition, and the role of humor in all endeavors.

His triumphs, whether in establishing his own business or nurturing a loving family, serve as constant wellsprings of motivation and inspiration for me. However, Dan attributes his achievements to a higher power and acknowledges the guidance he received from his mentors, notably his father Harry, affectionately known as “Old Man Greer” among Grange Youth Adults.

Dan’s guidance and support have been unwavering, offering advice and solace during times of need. It’s through my involvement with the Grange and my tenure as a youth ambassador that I was privileged to forge this enduring bond with Dan. Despite the geographical distance of nearly 2,000 miles between us, Dan and I ensure to connect at least twice a year—once at a Grange event and often during a Greer family vacation (apologies again for the unfortunate incident in your car).

Throughout the remaining weeks, I find solace in our frequent conversations and exchanges of advice, navigating the intricacies of life with Dan’s wisdom as my beacon. For this steadfast support and guidance, I am profoundly grateful.

I hold our friendship dear, cherishing not only the bond we share but also the invaluable mentorship you provide. I eagerly anticipate the next chapter of our journey within the Grange, eager to see where it leads us.

By Derek Snyder

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