Living in Fear is no way to live at all

Breaking free from fear for a fulfilling life.

Living in Fear is No Way to Live at all.

The world we live in today can often feel chaotic. Why is it that we, as individuals, tend to hoard material possessions? I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty of it myself, albeit perhaps on a smaller scale—like sneaking ice cream after the kids have gone to bed to avoid sharing or stashing away a cherished item so others won’t use it. But why do we do it? It boils down to a deep-seated fear of scarcity. We’re afraid that we won’t have enough, so we rush out to accumulate vast quantities of things we don’t truly need, hoping to ensure our security for the next decade or so.

So, how can we break free from this cycle of fear? One method that works for me is surrendering those fears to God. When I notice myself gripped by fear, whether it’s about finances or the availability of everyday necessities like toilet paper, I take decisive action by entrusting those worries to God. I pause, express gratitude for what I have, and ask for His guidance and reassurance that His plan is already in motion. Almost invariably, either the fear dissipates, or a solution presents itself, often in ways I hadn’t considered before.

While there are various ways to combat fear, this approach resonates most strongly with me.

Now, let’s examine why living in fear is detrimental to both mental and physical health.

The moment fear takes hold, our mental well-being begins to suffer. Our brains become overwhelmed with emotion, heightening our senses and exacerbating mental strain. Racing thoughts and an increased heart rate contribute to this heightened state of stress. Physical symptoms may manifest, such as chest pain, further intensifying our fears about our physical well-being.

Another consequence of mental fear is hoarding—our innate selfishness comes to the forefront as we stockpile goods out of a fear of scarcity. This behavior, ingrained in human nature since time immemorial, has roots in the biblical narrative of the great flood—a consequence of humanity’s selfish actions.

Living in fear takes a toll on both mind and body, leading to a cascade of symptoms that wouldn’t typically arise. Perhaps most concerning is the weakening of the immune system, leaving us more susceptible to illness.

Satan’s victory lies in our succumbing to fear. It’s his ultimate desire—to instill fear within us so that we relinquish our reliance on God. He seeks to replace our trust in God with self-dependence. However, when we lean on God, our faith grows, and our fear diminishes.

Whenever fear begins to grip you, take a moment to turn to God for understanding and courage. Pray for His assistance in dispelling your fear. Living in constant fear is merely existing, not truly living. I refuse to merely exist; I choose to embrace life in its fullness.

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