Keeping God First

Prioritizing faith and keeping God at the center of life.

Keeping God First

Keeping God at the forefront of my life has been a journey, one I’ve navigated with the same ups and downs as the rest of the world.

I’m no stranger to my own flaws and struggles. Yet amidst it all, I’ve made a conscious effort to prioritize God in every facet of my existence.

I’ve felt His presence and His guidance, especially during moments of strife. I still vividly recall the time when my relationship with God transcended mere familiarity and became deeply personal.

You see, despite growing up in a Christian household, it took me a while to truly embrace my faith. Sometimes, we need to veer off the path laid by our parents, only to find our way back, often through hardship.

But when I rediscovered God, it was like unlocking a new dimension of life. His word became my compass, transforming my speech, my actions, and my entire being. It was then that I realized the profound impact he had on everything.

From that pivotal moment, I made a solemn vow to integrate God into every corner of my life. I relinquished my title as CEO of Eclipse DOT, handing over the reins to the ultimate authority: God. And you know what? Our company flourished under His divine leadership. We recognized that our purpose was to serve His greater plan, to extend His love and grace to others.

So, let’s continue this dialogue. Share your experiences with keeping God first in your life. Let’s inspire each other, uplift each other, and journey together on the path of faith.

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