Have Passion as a Leader

Inspiring leader standing confidently, motivating the team with passion and vision.


Leadership involves more than personal passion; it’s crucial to discover what passions drive those around you.

Understanding and supporting the passions of your team members contributes to effective leadership.

Lack of passion hinders success. Use these tips to discover what fuels others’ passions, paving the way for mutual understanding and collaboration. 

Tip one: Pause for a moment and observe your surroundings. Notice a lovely office adorned with family pictures? Witness cheerful colleagues working harmoniously towards a shared goal, enjoying their time together. Take in the breathtaking scenery outside the window. 
Keep searching until you discover something that brings you joy. Once in a positive mood, explore what excites others. It’s time to inquire about their passions and interests.
Tip Two: Stand up and take a stroll to the break room. Greet everyone you encounter on your way. Simple actions like saying hello can create a positive atmosphere and foster connections in your workplace.
Choose someone you don’t usually talk to and inquire about their day. The key is to listen attentively, then ask a follow-up question related to the information they shared with you.
Tip Three: Practice Step 2 six times daily. You may wonder why I suggest taking six brief walks a day. There are a couple of good reasons for that, which will contribute to your overall well-being and energy levels.

Getting up and moving improves your mental state and boosts blood flow to your brain. This is the first reason why incorporating physical activity into your routine is beneficial for your overall well-being.
Secondly, it helps you be seen as a leader. By engaging with everyone, they won’t hesitate to approach you with their concerns. This fosters an open environment where people feel comfortable seeking guidance and support.

After consistently doing this for 3–4 days or a week, you’ll notice people opening up more during your walks. Building this routine creates a friendly atmosphere, encouraging others to share and connect with you.
Soon, you’ll learn that Dwayne has four kids. His daughter is in the student council, his son excels in baseball, and he’s crafting a go-kart for another son. Additionally, he has a daughter who adores basketball. Get ready to learn more about your colleagues during these interactions.
Discover Dwayne’s passions or family details. You might also learn that Marsha enjoys video editing, while Joe has a passion for numbers. Engaging with colleagues can reveal interesting aspects of their lives and interests.
The key is recognizing everyone’s passion. As a leader, connecting with these passions earns respect. So, get up, leave your office, and take a walk. It’s a simple step, but it can greatly enhance your leadership by fostering connections with your team’s passions.
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