Be a Positive Leader

A confident leader motivates and empowers a diverse team.

Be a Positive Leader

Being negative affects everything and everyone nearby.

Reflect on the last instance when you were in the company of someone exceedingly negative—someone who had nothing positive to contribute, consistently spoke ill of others, and failed to find a positive perspective in any situation.

If you hung out with them a lot, did it make it hard for you to see the good in things? You might have even stopped finding any positives.

Their negativity affected you. 

It’s important to stay positive when your leader is significant. Your attitude affects everyone else’s attitude around you.

Once, I had a boss who wasn’t much of a leader. All he did was say bad things about the other departments in our company. He kept talking about how he would do things better if he were in their position or how they didn’t know what they were doing. He never had anything good to say about anything. 

I was working from home. I didn’t get to be around much, and my attitude stayed the same. But the other guys on my team changed their attitude a lot.

In less than three months, I saw them change from people who sometimes looked for the positive side to people who never saw the positive side.

After the attitude change, they started acting like they were better than everyone else.

The leader affected them simply by being positive, and through his actions, he made them see the whole company differently.

The main idea is that, as a leader, your attitude is really important. Begin the day on a positive note, focus on the good side of things, be supportive, be respectful, and help others see the brighter side of any situation.

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