Goals, Goals and more Goals!

A diverse group of people were celebrating and cheering with raised arms in a motivational setting.

Goals, Goals, and More Goals

Once more, it has come to pass. A fresh year has commenced without fail.

Regardless of your location—be it Nigeria, the UK, the USA, Costa Rica, or Australia—this milestone holds significance.
Regardless of your current location, as you read these words, the new year has begun! And here’s the incredible part: God has blessed us with readers in every country we mentioned! How amazing is that?

Moving on…

Chances are, if you’re like 98% of the global population, you’ve recently set some goals and are now earnestly brainstorming reasons to justify why you might not achieve them anytime soon. 

What drives us to act this way?

I’m talking about setting personal goals, keeping them to ourselves, and then throwing in the towel when faced with a bit of adversity. I admit, I used to be guilty of that as well.

I used to habitually set goals in my head. If I failed to achieve them, it didn’t seem significant because no one else was aware of them.

I recall one occasion vividly when I committed myself to resume running.

For the next 30 days straight (because they say it takes that long to truly form a habit, or so I believed), I committed to running daily.

On the very first day, I went for a run, and Jenna cheered me on with a simple “Good for you, keep it up.”

However, Jenna was unaware of the personal “promise” I had made to myself. By the third day, exhaustion had set in. My legs ached, and the thought of going for an evening run was unappealing.

Moreover, the weather was freezing, and I admit, I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to cold temperatures. (Laughs)

The irony is that if I had shared my intentions with Jenna, she would have undoubtedly motivated me to persevere. However,

Since she was unaware of my plans, she simply suggested, “It’s chilly outside; why not just stay in tonight?”

That single remark was all it took for me to abandon the idea of lacing up my running shoes that evening, effectively bringing an end to my commitment to running every night.

Now, this anecdote harks back to a few years ago, and since then, both of us have approached things differently.

But here’s the crux of the matter: When you set a goal for yourself, shout it from the rooftops.

Let everyone in on your goal. By doing this, you accomplish two things. 

Firstly, you enhance your accountability towards achieving your goal. Why? Because you’re aware that you wouldn’t relish having Sam inquire about your progress every Sunday at church, asking, “Hey, how’s that goal coming along?”

The second benefit is that it compels you to act. 

It’s simple to set goals. For instance, wanting a private jet—that’s a real goal. But now, the real work begins, as you must initiate steps to achieve that goal.

In this scenario, I must devise a plan to generate an extra $10 million solely to afford the jet. Then, once I’ve acquired it, I’ll need to strategize further to generate additional income to cover expenses like hiring a pilot and fuel costs.

It’s important to keep in mind that when you set ambitious goals, they naturally take more time to achieve, and that’s perfectly fine. Now, let’s touch upon two final points while you’re in the process of setting and staying true to your goals.

Don’t forget to pray!

Prayer ought to be a significant component of everyone’s life.

We should pray for God’s guidance in setting goals that align with His purposes, not just our aspirations. For example, instead of solely focusing on personal goals like losing 20 pounds, we should consider how our aspirations can contribute to God’s greater plan.

In numerous ways. When you feel better physically and mentally, you’re more inclined to engage with others and share God’s message with them.

If you aspire to own a private jet, you might wonder how that serves God. Well, it could enable you to travel to more locations and connect with more people, facilitating greater outreach efforts and allowing for participation in more mission trips worldwide.

When setting any goal, remember to pray. “When God is for you, who can be against you?”

Lastly, I want to encourage you to set big, audacious goals.

By aiming for massive goals, such as owning a fleet of private jets, even if you fall short, you’ll still achieve more than if you never started.

Consider this: if your goal is to own a private jet but you end up with a large airplane, you’re still making significant strides. So, don’t shy away from setting ambitious goals—embrace them!

Now, let’s talk about acting. Here are a few things you can do today:

Start by praying.
Ask God to guide your goals to benefit both Him and you.

Share your goals.
with the world. Whether it’s through calls, texts, or social media, let everyone know about your aspirations.

Nothing extraordinary has ever been accomplished without a clear blueprint. Just like constructing a house requires detailed plans to ensure the right materials are used, your goals need a solid plan of action. Keep in mind that plans are flexible, and adjustments may be necessary along the way. Don’t be discouraged if you need to revise your plans as you progress. The most successful individuals are adept at adapting and pivoting when needed.

Take bold action.
Don’t hesitate—act now. What are you waiting for? Progress requires movement. You can’t expect to reach your destination if you never leave your comfort zone. So, get out there and start doing something, even if it’s not perfect. Remember, it’s better to take imperfect action than to remain stagnant.

Prioritize Prayer:
Prayer should be an integral part of our daily lives. It’s through prayer that we receive guidance and direction from God. As Romans 8:39 assures us, nothing in all creation can separate us from God’s love. Therefore, make prayer a consistent practice, trusting in God’s unwavering support and guidance.

A bit more detail

When Jenna and I tied the knot, our dream was to construct our own home, nurture a beautiful family, and reside near our loved ones.

Our journey began with a blueprint—a well-thought-out plan. Then came the decision to embark on building our dream home. Once more, we crafted a tangible blueprint, this time a genuine one. (Laughs)

I still recall vividly the days spent acquiring bids for lumber packages and visiting banks as if it were yesterday. 

We visited around five different building material providers. I distinctly recall sitting in the office of one after handing over my blueprint, printed on a standard 8.5″x11″ sheet. Upon seeing it, he burst into laughter, exclaiming, “You don’t seriously plan to build a house from this tiny piece of paper, do you?” Though I felt no anger, I stood up and calmly stated, “It’s clear you’re not the right company to support our project.” Consequently, we didn’t purchase anything from that company.

What mattered most to us was having a plan, regardless of its appearance or conformity to others’. Concurrently, we began exploring financing options. Given our limited knowledge, especially regarding mortgages, we first secured a mortgage before seeking a construction loan. This proved beneficial, as we later learned that obtaining a construction loan without prior mortgage approval was improbable.

As we visited various local banks, we faced skepticism when explaining our intention to build our home while holding full-time jobs. For many, such skepticism might have deterred them, instilling self-doubt. However, I remained undeterred, trusting in God’s provision for our needs.

Eventually, we met with Neil from Alpine Bank. As he reviewed our application, he invited us for a meeting. Noting our enthusiasm for the project and the significance of building on my family’s ancestral land, he recognized the importance of our endeavor. Our commitment to preserving our family’s heritage, with our children being the fifth generation on the same property, resonated with him.

Later, Neil confided in us that his superior had advised against funding the construction loan, believing we wouldn’t complete the house on time or without requiring additional funds. Despite this, Neil was impressed by our passion and determination. He admired our goals and our ambition as a young couple—a level of ambition he had rarely encountered before.

Against his boss’s counsel, we proceeded to sign the loan papers and immediately began work on our project. However, amidst constructing our dream home for our family of four—yes, we had two kids and weren’t planning on more at the time—God surprised us with unexpected news. Jenna tearfully revealed that she was pregnant, right during our house-building endeavor!

Although unexpected, this turn of events turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Despite our initial desire to avoid pregnancy during the construction phase so Jenna could assist with the building process, we realized the timing was ultimately perfect. Our perfectly symmetrical house, meticulously designed to ensure neither child felt slighted, now faced a delightful disruption.

In hindsight, we recognized this as a tremendous blessing. (And if you hadn’t guessed, Jacob came along shortly afterward!)

Our goals shifted, prompting us to create a new blueprint—not for the house, as the foundation had already been poured, but for our family’s future. We adapted and adjusted, as we always do when faced with unexpected twists in our goals and plans.

Long story short, we completed the house in 14 months, staying under budget by approximately $10,000.

I’m not sharing this story to impress you or make you think we’re extraordinary and capable of anything. I’m sharing it to demonstrate that when you set goals and diligently pursue them, you truly can achieve anything!

The key steps are simple: set your goal, act, be ready to adapt (because plans rarely unfold exactly as expected—we had to pivot countless times!) and establish reasonable deadlines. Setting deadlines is crucial, but they must be realistic. For instance, aiming to build our house in 30 days would have been unrealistic for novices like us—while it might be achievable for a highly skilled team, it wasn’t feasible for us.

When setting goals, think big, think scary, and think audacious! Your goals should evoke butterflies in your stomach just thinking about them. Only then can you be sure they’re big enough. Remember, even if you aim for the stars and only reach the moon, you’ve still made significant progress—a million miles further than if you never started!

So, seize the day and act on your goals right now. Share your goals and your blueprint for achieving them in the comments below!

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