Getting in the right state to make GREAT decisions.

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Getting in the Right State to Make Great Decisions

I got to see Tony Robbins speak at a live event for five hours! It was great. I took lots of notes—more than 50 pages in just four days. There’s so much I learned, but it would take forever to tell you everything.

I want to talk about one important thing. Before you decide anything, you need to get into a positive mindset.
If you’re fine with making simple choices and feeling lazy, then go ahead and keep sitting in your chair without any motivation.
But if you want to learn how to make really smart decisions with confidence, then keep reading this.
Now, turn up the volume and pick a super fun and fast song that you really like. Something like “Shake” by Mercy Me. Then, the first step is to stand up.
Stand up now. Shake your whole body. Why wait? Just do it! Seriously, shake your body.

Now that you’ve done that, jump a little. Jump higher, and keep jumping like you’re a kid at a trampoline park without any fear!

Stop looking at others; just jump. Now that you’ve done that, there’s one more thing I want you to do.
I know you might be wondering what people think. You might feel silly and think everyone’s watching. BUT WHO CARES?

If you want to make really smart decisions, you have to do things that others won’t.
Make a noise that makes you happy. Now make it louder. Even louder.
Did you do it? If not, you won’t feel the full impact. Now jump up and down again, like a kid playing in a mud puddle. Are you doing it?
Now, make that happy noise again. Louder. Even louder this time. Okay, sit down. Now, make some noise while you’re sitting. Move around like you did when you were standing up. Do it so much that you feel like standing up again.

Okay, now spend 10 minutes getting that task done. Make those important decisions you were struggling with earlier. I know what you’re thinking: there’s no way I’m doing what Dan just suggested.

Here’s the deal: It’s completely your choice whether you do it or not. But if you give it a try and it works, what have you lost? Maybe just looking a bit silly and making awesome decisions.
I have a rule in my life that I learned from Russell Brunson: if you don’t know him, search for him. I listen and do everything that successful people, who own a helicopter and have strong stage presence, tell me to do.

If it works for Tony Robbins, it can work for you. If it works for me, it can work for you too. 

The important thing is to believe that it will work. You need to get yourself in the right state—mentally, physically, and emotionally—before making any decisions, or else you won’t make really good ones.

At best, they’ll be just okay. Let me ask you something: Would you marry someone who’s just okay? absolutely not! You want someone amazing, not just average.

If we wouldn’t marry someone who’s just okay, why should we make decisions that are only okay? Ever since I learned this from Tony directly at a live event, I use it every single day. When I’m getting ready to teach a course, I apply it.
When I’m ready to write something, I do it. When we’re ready to buy another business, I do it. When I’m ready to go home and see my family, I do it.
Because if I’m not there for them, then I’m not living my happiest life. We only have one life, and we can decide how we want to live it. We can settle for just okay, or we can aim for excellence.
It’s up to us. Just like it’s up to us who we marry, where we work, and what we do.
Now it’s your turn to choose: Do you want to live a mediocre life, or do you want to live an extraordinary one? Personally, I’m giving it my all and living each day to the fullest.
There’s one more thing I really need to share with you. Are you ready? It’s pretty awesome.
Life is what we decide it to be. We can choose to be without money, lacking, busy, tired, hungry, thirsty, or unsatisfied.


We can choose to feel happy, content, rich, fit, loyal, and in love. It’s completely up to us. And we decide that every day when we wake up.
One more thing to ask you quickly: Have you ever felt like you care about your partner, but maybe not in love with them anymore?
I think many of us have felt that way at some point in our relationships.
I’ve felt that way before. (I’m sure Jenna has too in the past. I haven’t always been the best husband and father. I’ve made mistakes. I’m grateful she’s forgiving.)
Can you think of something that used to be adorable but now bothers you?
It’s a decision. When you were in love, those things didn’t annoy you. They were actually cute things they did. But now that your feelings have changed, they’re not cute anymore. So, what can we do to make things better?
Decide right now to change how you feel. Do whatever you need to do to get into a good mood and stay there.
And when you begin to feel less happy, you have to choose to change how you feel. Not how others feel, but yourself.
Guess what? Once you change how you feel, the people around you will start to change too!
So, here’s to changing how we feel so we can always make really smart decisions.
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