Get out there and take ACTION!

A person with a backpack stands on a mountain peak, ready to take action.

Get out there and take action

Taking an inch of action now will propel you closer to your goal than a mile of mere intervention ever could!

It’s about time we took action. How often have we heard this phrase? I’ve heard it countless times. So why do we struggle to heed it? I can’t pinpoint how long it took me to finally take the initiative and build my house. Or why I remained in the same job for another year or two, despite knowing I needed a change. Sure, dedication to our work is commendable, but was I truly benefiting anyone by staying in a job I no longer found fulfilling?

Throughout my life, these are the challenges I’ve grappled with continuously. I’d wager that if you delve a bit deeper, you’ll discover similar struggles within yourself. Today, our focus will be on initiating action and putting an end to procrastination.

There are seven straightforward steps. Determine the factors that are restraining your progress.
What’s impeding your ability to take action at this moment? Is it concerns about loved ones, fear of loss, or a lack of confidence? Pinpoint the obstacle and confront it directly. Only then will you be empowered to take decisive action.
Engage in prayer!
This might not align with your beliefs, but let me share that when I increased my prayer practice and surrendered to God, I experienced a profound influx of knowledge and, above all, peace. I vividly recall counseling someone on prayer once. They expressed, “Dan, I’m hesitant to pray because then everyone will know I’m a Christian!” Is that necessarily negative? It depends on who you aspire to be. I desire for everyone I encounter to recognize my steadfast Christian faith and commitment to living a righteous life. What I conveyed to him was this: “You can pray anywhere, anytime, and no one needs to be aware unless you choose to share. Whether your eyes are open or closed, whether you’re driving, conversing, sitting, standing, or lying down—it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you dedicate time to communicating with God.”

Pay attention and act decisively.

Listening serves as the initial step towards taking action and embracing substantial risks that can ultimately yield significant rewards. Tune in to your inner sentiments and instincts. If you sense the urge to reach out to someone, don’t hesitate to make that call promptly.

If your intuition prompts you to halt eating, then cease without delay. However, if you contemplate more daring actions, ensure you exercise caution and consider all safety measures thoroughly. Listen attentively and respond promptly.

Avoid prolonged deliberation over minor choices.

My rule of thumb is simple: if a decision won’t have a significant impact on my life in five years, I don’t dwell on it. Instead, I make a choice and move forward. What does this principle entail? When someone asks me where to dine, I suggest it without hesitation. If they inquire about a deadline, I provide a specific time.

Even when invited for lunch, I propose a concrete plan for the following day. These minor decisions won’t significantly alter my trajectory over time. However, decisions like starting a business, purchasing additional property, or acquiring a new vehicle are significant and warrant thorough consideration and research.

For immense risks, expect substantial rewards.

Have you ever tied the knot? Started a family? Have you purchased a home or a car? Pursued higher education or embarked on a career path? Each of these endeavors carries considerable risks, but they also offer immense rewards. Life-changing events necessitate a willingness to take risks. You cannot anticipate transformative shifts if you persist in the status quo.

To effect genuine change in your life, you must venture beyond your comfort zone. So, the next time an opportunity arises, scale that mountain, ask that special someone out—just leap.

Stop seeking approval.

Seeking permission, even from yourself, inhibits growth. It harkens back to childhood, when you had to ask for approval for every little thing. “Dad, can I have this candy bar?” Well, if you want the candy bar, just buy it! Who cares? Cease seeking validation from others before taking that leap of faith and advancing to the next level. I recall consulting a trusted advisor about whether I was ready to start a business.

Their response was, “I would hate to lose you, so I would say you can do anything as long as you don’t leave. Lol.” I was essentially asking for permission to take a risk. I was waiting for the perfect moment to take that next step. Now, don’t misunderstand me—I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t communicate with your spouse or partner. That’s crucial. If you missed it, refer back to the section on prayer. That’s about communicating with the most important person in your life—at least in my life.

Failure is not an endpoint!

Thomas Edison encapsulated it perfectly when he said, “I did not fail once; I just found 10,000 ways not to create a lightbulb!” I’m not suggesting that you won’t encounter setbacks; rather, it’s essential not to perceive them as failures. Instead, view them as valuable learning opportunities. Admittedly, some of these “learning experiences” may come at a significant cost, but remember, money is just a transient aspect of life.

You entered this world without a penny, and you’ll depart it in the same manner. The crucial point is to acknowledge that mistakes are inevitable; however, don’t allow them to plunge you into despair. Maintain your composure and press forward. Taking risks entails encountering numerous learning experiences—it’s an inherent aspect of the journey. So, don’t let the fear of failure deter you from taking action today.

In a world brimming with individuals, aim to belong to the 1%. Be among those who proactively seize opportunities and take decisive action, rather than remaining among the 99% confined to mundane 8–5 jobs, loathing every moment. Start today and implement the necessary changes to enhance your life. Remember, time is the ultimate currency. While your time on this planet is finite, the potential to accumulate wealth is boundless.

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