From the Heart

Heart-shaped hands form a symbol of love and care.

From the Heart

I was in my mid-twenties when I had the chance to travel to Reno, NV, and deliver a 5-minute speech for the National Grange.

Standing on stage in front of the whole convention and delivering my speech felt amazing. I bring a lot of energy to the stage, which is something you should know about me. It’s a cool experience overall.

I spoke at a conference in Colorado with around 150 people. We arrived the night before. The next morning, we sat and listened to the presenters. It was a big event.

They were all nice people, but they seemed a bit nervous and serious when they stood in front of the group. My turn to speak was scheduled for just after 10 a.m.

Sam, a member of my team, accompanied me as I swiftly passed him my truck keys. “Quickly head to the store,” I instructed, “and purchase a candy bar for everyone present. We’re commencing in 45 minutes, so no dawdling!”

He dashed to the truck and sped to the store, buying plenty of candy bars for everyone. He returned just five minutes before my presentation. We distributed the candy bars, and as they signaled me, I hurried from the back to the front of the room, beginning the presentation.

After that 45-minute presentation, I felt completely exhausted for the whole day. Many approached me afterward, saying, “You’re amazing! I was nodding off before you started, but I stayed alert and took lots of notes during your talk. Thanks for being here!”

Moving on…

Now, back to my speech for the National Grange. While preparing, they mentioned that there was a podium available. I grabbed my speech and headed there, ready to deliver it.

I tilted my head to the side, like a dog hearing a high-pitched sound, and asked, “Can I have a handheld mic, please?”

They agreed. Then, the woman in charge reminded me I only had 5 minutes! She warned that at the 5-minute mark, they’d cut off my mic.

Awesome! As I stepped onto the stage where many great singers had performed, I sensed their presence. Suddenly, my nerves vanished, and I began speaking. The more I spoke, the more comfortable I became.

After the speech, I was filled with immense energy! The passion and fervor in my delivery were palpable to everyone present. The speech centered on the importance of having God in your life.

I wish I had a video or just the audio of it. Finally, I wrapped up at 4 minutes and 59 seconds. As I walked off the stage to applause, I realized that being in front of groups was where I belonged.

Throughout the entire speech, I felt a powerful presence, causing the hairs on my arms to stand up. The best part came afterward when many approached me, surprised, saying, “I never knew you had such strong faith!” That’s when I knew God’s presence was with me on that stage.

He guided me to speak the words necessary for both me and others. He enabled them to listen attentively to the message I conveyed.

Since then, every time I step onto a stage, I offer a prayer. “God, help me convey the message you want them to hear. Open their ears and minds to accept what they need. I’m grateful for your guidance!”

Despite my discomfort with attention, being on stage is where I thrive because I know it’s my purpose. I’m meant to assist others as much as possible!

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