Bosses are not leaders, but leaders can be bosses

A diverse team collaborates and strategizes, showcasing leadership qualities.

Bosses Are Not Leaders But Leaders Can Be Bosses

Not everyone starts as a leader, but with some effort, anyone can become a great leader!

We’ve all had jobs where it seemed pointless and our work didn’t feel important. The boss would stay in their office, maybe sending a couple of emails about projects. You rarely heard from them, and when you did, it wasn’t clear what they wanted.
Just being a boss doesn’t make someone a leader. Leaders have certain qualities that many bosses may not possess. What does a supervisor need to do to be a true leader?

Leaders need to be good at teaching.

First and foremost, leaders must be teachers. A teacher’s role is to educate and bring out the best in their students. Good teachers don’t just sit and tell the students what to do; they show examples, walk around the class to help students, and are firm when needed.
Teachers communicate to make sure students understand the concepts or projects they’re working on. After someone finishes their work, teachers evaluate it. When grading, they don’t insult or give up on the students; instead, they provide constructive criticism and help them improve.

Our strength is determined by the strength of our weakest link. 

Leaders should always follow the idea that “we are only as strong as our weakest link.” What does this mean? It means that your team, group, office, or company is only as strong as its least strong member. Leaders should be humble when they make a mistake or someone on the team does. Leaders don’t blame others because they are the teachers; it’s their job to ensure everyone understands what needs to be done.
Then, the leader checks everyone’s work to ensure it is done properly. If someone makes a mistake, they don’t yell or criticize; they explain where the mistake was made and how to fix it. This should be done privately, not in front of others. Everyone’s morale is crucial; no one should feel degraded. People should feel inspired and proud of their work. Leaders must be committed to providing everything people need to succeed.


We’ve all heard the word “integrity” before. I remember that in high school, they always talked about it. Back then, I didn’t think much about it, but it turns out that to be a good leader, you need integrity. A leader is honest not only with the people they lead but with everyone. Keeping secrets can affect others’ morals a lot. If there’s a problem with someone’s work, a great leader will tell them, not in a mean way but in a helpful and teaching way.
There’s a saying, “A great leader can tell you to go to hell in a way that you actually look forward to the trip.” Also, it’s important to be fair to everyone, not playing favorites or leaving some behind. You shouldn’t embarrass anyone in front of everyone. Instead, you need to encourage unity and teamwork.

Leaders can be found in people of all sizes.

Leaders can be of various shapes, sizes, and personalities, just like the people they lead. They must understand the individuals they lead, recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. This helps in placing them in positions where they can succeed.
Leaders have to make tough decisions, but true leaders are confident in their choices. Even if they make a mistake, they shouldn’t let it discourage them; instead, they believe the situation can be fixed, and they’ll do better next time.
They need to be creative in finding solutions because what worked in the past might not always work. Leaders can have different ideas on how to succeed; there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.
To be a boss and a leader, you need to know your purpose, and it’s not just sitting in an office and sending emails. The real purpose is to bring out the best in your team, teach them to be their best, inspire hard work, instill pride in what they do, and promote teamwork. To be a great leader, you must have integrity, commitment, good communication skills, accountability, and confidence in your decisions.
A boss truly becomes a leader when they do all these things. If you follow these principles, you’re sure to succeed and bring out the best in your employees.
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