Being a leader when you are NOT in charge

A team is collaborating and brainstorming ideas, showing leadership in a group setting.

Being a leader when you are not in charge

Some of the best leaders I’ve met haven’t been managers or in charge of others.

They know how to encourage and inspire people, even if they don’t have official power.

Now, let’s discuss Dean Graziosi. Dean is someone who inspires and leads others. His goal is to assist people in the self-improvement field.

He understands how crucial it is for people to be in charge of their own development.

He doesn’t have official power over anyone, but he still guides many to success. I’ve been in a similar situation multiple times.

I don’t have control over people, but I get to assist them in making sure they follow federal rules. 

Using fear doesn’t really help in this situation. Instead, I can convince them why it’s important for them to follow the rules.

I can make them believe it’s their choice.

You know, great leaders don’t require acknowledgment for their actions; they don’t need to be in control, and they don’t need power over others.

Now, let’s talk about Christ. He gathered 12 strangers and didn’t question what they were up to. Instead, he simply said, “Come follow me, and I will teach you to bring people closer.” 

He was a leader. He guided them, and he still guides us today.

We encourage you to step into a role where you’re not in charge and be a leader today. If you’re already in charge, take note of the leaders working alongside you and for you.

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