Merry Christmas

Festive Christmas decorations and greetings.

Merry Christmas

As Christmas draws near, it’s essential to remember its true significance:


The celebration of Christmas by Christians commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. However, amidst the hectic pace of the season, this fundamental truth can sometimes fade into the background, a phenomenon I’ve experienced myself.

I find myself getting caught up in concerns like whether someone will appreciate their gift or if I should have allocated more funds to it. Then there’s the question of what to prepare for Christmas dinner and worries about potential disappointment if we’re not home for the occasion. These distractions often steer me away from the true essence of the celebration.

If you’re familiar with me, you’re aware that I immerse myself in a multitude of self-growth books and audiobooks. I allocate both time and money to invest in my personal development. One of the influencers I follow is Tony Robbins. He often emphasizes the principle that energy follows focus.

You might be wondering, why are we discussing focus and self-growth in this context. This devotional aims to reintroduce Christ to Christmas. Bear with me for a moment; I assure you, it’s relevant. If we reflect on the questions raised earlier, are we genuinely prioritizing the true essence of the season?

The answer is no.

Consequently, our energy is channeled into purchasing gifts, appeasing others, and planning meals. Yet the Lord advises us against worrying about such matters. This guidance can be found in Matthew 6:25–34.

Instead, I urge everyone to direct their attention to Christ. Reflect on the miraculous gift bestowed upon us when a virgin conceived a child. Consider the growth of that child and the profound impact he has had on our world. Look forward to what he has in store for us—our salvation and the guidance to dedicate ourselves to the greatest leader in the world.

When we shift our focus to the true reason, Christ, our perspective shifts, and trivial concerns lose their significance.

Another crucial point to remember is that while our society has commercialized many holidays, particularly Christmas, the value of giving lies not in the extravagance of the gift but in the sentiment and thoughtfulness behind it.

I’m familiar with many individuals who accumulate significant credit card debt, especially during this holiday season. They spend beyond their means to demonstrate affection or obligation to others.
I urge you to halt this practice immediately. While it may be too late to alter your plans for this year’s festivities, take a moment to reflect on the true purpose of gift-giving.

Do you give gifts out of obligation or as a tribute to God’s gift to us?
I encourage you to explore “The Five Love Languages” to delve deeper into this concept.

You might be wondering, “Why does this guy keep recommending this book?” No, I’m not getting any kickbacks or a percentage of the sales. It’s just genuinely that good of a book.

As you read it this time, don’t limit your thoughts to just your partner. Consider everyone in your life. Try to identify their love language.

Then, when you give gifts, aim to align with their love language as closely as possible.

If someone values quality time, your gift might not be the trendiest item from Amazon. Instead, it could be a day spent together enjoying lunch, shopping, or perhaps even getting pampered with a manicure (although I wouldn’t recommend the last one for a guy; hey, you never know).

If they value words of affirmation, offer them heartfelt compliments throughout the year. When it comes to gifts, remember that it’s the sentiment behind the gift that truly matters, not the price tag. For someone who appreciates gifts, it’s the thought and effort you put into the gesture that counts, not the monetary value.

If they long for physical touch, don’t hesitate to offer them more hugs. Make sure to give them the gift of a warm embrace whenever you see them.

For those who value acts of service, try to perform kind gestures for them on multiple occasions. Whether it’s unloading the dishwasher, folding the laundry, or picking up their papers from the printer at the office, these acts can make a significant difference.

The essence of my message is that when we give gifts, the monetary cost doesn’t matter. What truly counts is the effort we put into expressing our love and care for others.

Today, we urge everyone to pray—pray now, pray often, and pray more. Just pray.

And as we journey through the Christmas season, let’s reflect on the gift God gave us over 2000 years ago! So, when you encounter anyone, don’t hesitate to wish them a “Merry Christmas,” emphasizing Christ!


Today, we encourage you to act by shifting your mindset. When you search for gifts or present gifts to others, reflect on the spirit of Christ.

Consider what would truly bring joy to this person. Here’s a hint: It might not be something you can purchase. It could be a lunch date, a dinner outing, or a weekend getaway at the beach (except for my dad, who’s not a fan of water deeper than his ankles—just kidding, but not really). (I love you, dad.).

Spread the joy of Christmas by greeting everyone with a heartfelt “Merry Christmas.” Don’t hesitate to share your love for God with the world. You’d be surprised at how many meaningful conversations can start with a simple greeting.

Make it a point to greet even strangers with a warm “Merry Christmas.” When writing on the card accompanying your gift (if you choose to give one), include a verse that holds special meaning to you.

Because every verse in the Bible is inspiring, I enjoy closing my eyes, focusing on Christ, and randomly selecting a verse. I play a little game where I guess the book and chapter before opening my eyes to read the verse my finger lands on.

Here’s a revised version:

“Shh, it’s a secret, but that’s how I pick most of the verses for these devotionals. Lol. Write that verse on the card and share it with the world. And whatever you do, remember to thank God for the gift he gave us that day so long ago and all the gifts he continues to give us today. From all of us on the Eclipse DOT team and the Greer home.”

Merry Christmas!

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