Mentoring concept: guidance and support from experienced mentors.


“A mentor is someone who recognizes greater talent and ability within you than you perceive in yourself and assists in nurturing and bringing it forth.” Bob Proctor

Recently, Derek S. shared insights on what his mentor looks like. His portrayal isn’t too flattering. PS: If you haven’t read it yet, you should check it out here.

Having multiple mentors is crucial for every aspect of life because they provide diverse perspectives and expertise. They help you navigate different challenges and opportunities, ensuring you stay on course and continue progressing in the direction you need to.

Recall a time when unmotivated individuals surrounded you. They showed up to work each day without any determination to better their circumstances.

How did you feel about the situation?

Initially, you probably observed their lack of motivation and felt reluctant to follow their path, merely going to work for a paycheck.

Then, over time, you might have found yourself thinking, “This job isn’t so bad after all. The hours are decent, and the benefits are great—I get four 10-hour workdays and plenty of holidays off. Sure, the pay isn’t amazing, and there’s no real chance for self-improvement here. But hey, why should I care?”

Trust me, I’ve been in that situation before, and it was not a good feeling. After some time, I began to dread going to work every day. The only thing that helped me get back on track and make significant improvements in my life was my mentors.

Trust me, I’ve experienced that situation before, and it wasn’t pleasant. Over time, I began to dread going to work each day. The sole factor that helped me regain my footing and achieve significant improvements in my life was my mentors.

I decided to seek out new mentors and begin to closely follow their guidance. One mentor who has consistently helped me through countless situations is Jesus. Additionally, as I transitioned my life to become an entrepreneur, I looked up to individuals who have successfully launched and managed businesses. Names such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher, Ezra Lee, and many others have become part of my mentorship circle.

How do you pick your mentors?

Certainly, here are some tips to assist you in selecting the right mentors:

1. Absolutely; let’s think outside the box. While it’s valuable to have mentors within your profession for industry-specific advice, consider seeking mentors from diverse backgrounds who can offer unique perspectives and skills that complement your expertise in the transportation industry.

Tony Robbins isn’t anywhere near that industry.

Why would Tony Robbins serve as one of my mentors?

It’s straightforward: Tony specializes in facilitating learning experiences. That’s precisely my role too—I guide individuals in understanding the intricacies of the transportation industry.

2. Do they embody the position you aspire to achieve in the future? Many interpret this question quite literally.

Hey, Dean Graziosi resides in Arizona, and since I aim to live there too, I’m considering him as a mentor. But that’s not exactly what I’m getting at. What I mean is assessing their mindset, aligning with where you aspire to be someday—juggling multiple successful ventures they’ve initiated, collaborating with top-tier entrepreneurs, and prioritizing quality time with family and friends. Focus on their values, not just their possessions, when selecting mentors who resonate with you.

3. Do they propel you to new heights? When choosing mentors, ensure they encourage and inspire you to reach the next level of your potential.

Not their advancement, but yours.

When I think of Russell Brunson, he motivates me to push myself. His podcasts and challenges inspire me to elevate myself to the next level.
He’s the reason I launched my first funnel and started using ads to grow my business.
He might not even know my name, but he’s propelled me to new heights.

4. Do they share their authentic story? Jenna Kutcher is someone who consistently shares her real-life experiences.

She is one of the few individuals I know who has openly discussed her actual finances on her podcast, Goaldigger, previously. Your mentors must be genuine! If they conceal aspects of themselves, they won’t be able to support you as effectively. By withholding information from their followers, they hinder their ability to genuinely assist you in your growth.

5. Do they demonstrate a willingness to take risks and inspire you to do the same?

When I think of someone who boldly takes calculated risks, Ezra Lee immediately comes to mind. Back in 2001, Ezra founded a hydroseeding company called Crossfire. Through his vision and determination, he transformed it into a large-scale enterprise with over 1800 employees nationwide. Today, he serves as a remarkable leader for an even larger company and ventures into various industries with multiple opportunities.

Ezra’s aptitude for seizing opportunities astounds me. I admire his courage in taking risks daily, and I wish I had the same boldness. This quality is just one of the many reasons I consider him a mentor.

A mentor’s role is to encourage you to push your limits and provide you with the knowledge necessary for advancement. So, why wait? It’s time to seek out mentors who can propel you forward.

Don’t hesitate any longer. Today, we urge you to seek out someone who has achieved what you aspire to accomplish.

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