Making Those Tough Decisions

Navigating tough decisions with confidence and clarity.

Making Those Tough Decisions

Most decisions should be made in less than five seconds. For those that require more consideration, here’s my approach:

How many decisions do you make daily? On average, I’d estimate over 500, even before stepping out for work. Choices like hitting the snooze button or getting up, brushing teeth, checking the phone, kissing a spouse, selecting toothpaste, and deciding on beverages—coffee, tea, or water—are just a few examples. We’re inundated with decisions daily. Yet, why do some choices pose such a challenge? Should I change jobs, start a business, buy a car, or propose? While the last one is crucial, the others may not hold the same weight.

For months, I grappled with the decision to leave my job of over five years and devote myself to growing a company we had started. A whirlwind of thoughts swirled in my mind whenever I contemplated it. What if I fail? How will my boss react to my departure? If I stick around a bit longer, I’ll accrue more vacation time. I genuinely enjoy working with my colleagues—well, most of them—but do I truly want to leave? These questions, along with many others, weighed heavily on me.

Then something remarkable occurred. One day, my wife posed a simple question: had I surrendered these concerns to God? I gazed at her with the bewilderment of a dog hearing a high-pitched sound and replied, “No, it hadn’t occurred to me to seek help from Him.” At that moment, I paused and implored God to alleviate my worries. Not only did the worries dissipate, but I also felt an overwhelming sense of joy for the opportunity lying before us. What’s more, God began to provide answers to the questions that had previously stumped me.

What if I fail? So what if you do? If needed, you can always revert to a job like flipping hamburgers. With your diverse skill set, you’ll be more than capable of landing on your feet.

How will my boss react? People respond differently to change; some welcome your growth, while others might selfishly resent your departure. Whenever possible, aim to leave on good terms. I approached my boss with gratitude: “Hey, I want you to know how much I’ve appreciated working here and the invaluable lessons I’ve learned from you. I can’t thank you enough for your support. Is it okay if we exchange numbers? I’d like to stay in touch and offer my assistance, whether it’s business-related or personal.”

Staying a bit longer means more vacation time for me, while leaving grants me the freedom to take time off whenever necessary without seeking approval. It’s a simple choice. When you stop fretting and take that leap of faith, decisions become clear.

One of my cherished quotes stems from an exceptional former leader, Ezra Lee. When I inquired about his journey in establishing his own business and how he summoned the courage to embark on that path, he shared something profound. He said, “There was a time when I couldn’t afford shoes. If returning to that time is where I’m meant to be, I’m not afraid.”

When he first shared that with me, I was utterly bewildered, staring at him like a puzzled dog catching a high-pitched noise. It left me disoriented. Who would willingly revert to a life of scarcity? But upon reflection, I grasped the essence of his message. It’s about trusting that everything is orchestrated beyond our control. And part of that acceptance is realizing you’re never fully prepared. Once you embrace this, the once-daunting decisions become manageable.

In life, we can rationalize any choice, be it for better or worse. The crux of my argument is to not get bogged down by trivialities. All decisions seem insignificant when viewed against the backdrop of impermanence. Even tattoos can be altered. Consider this: If nothing is permanent, what’s stopping you from taking that leap of faith? Ask that person out, pursue the interview, apply for the job, further your education, start a family, and embark on entrepreneurship—embrace life’s possibilities!

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