Imbalance is not a bad thing

Embracing the positive aspects of imbalance in life.

Imbalance is not a bad thing.

Embracing imbalance can often pave the way for growth and unforeseen opportunities.

Allow me to recount a time from our past when we undertook the monumental task of constructing our home. It was a period marked by significant imbalances. Jenna and I had always harbored the dream of building our own house, and we were resolute in our decision to do so.

Before we commenced this endeavor, we established two non-negotiable conditions. Firstly, we agreed not to embark on this journey while Jenna was pregnant. Her active involvement in the construction process was essential, and we both understood that her well-being was paramount. We cherished our unity, but pregnancy brought discomfort, irritability, and challenges that would hinder our progress.

Secondly, we decided that our children’s rooms would be identical in size, ensuring fairness and averting any potential disputes over perceived inequalities. These agreements seemed sensible and harmonious at the time.

Regrettably, we failed to invite God into these deliberations; we made our decisions in isolation. Perhaps, in His infinite wisdom, He observed our plans and decided to intervene.

In February of 2011, we embarked on the arduous task of building our home. However, in March of 2012, just 14 months into our construction journey, Brianna Lynn Greer arrived in our lives. It’s amusing to note the timeline; Jenna became pregnant shortly after we commenced building—proof, perhaps, of divine irony.

Our home was meticulously designed to accommodate two children. Yet, as fate would have it, we now find ourselves blessed with four. Consequently, the symmetry of our initial plan dissolved, and none of our children ended up with identical rooms—a delightful reminder of life’s unpredictable twists and turns.

Anyway, let’s refocus on the essence of this story.

Over the 14 months it took to construct our home, our lives were profoundly imbalanced. It’s important to understand that Jenna and I didn’t just commission the construction of our house; we physically built it ourselves, with our own two hands. Save for two exceptions, we handled every aspect of the project independently.

The first task we outsourced was the tape and texture of our drywall. My grandfather generously arranged for some friends to assist with this aspect of the project. The second task was the stucco application. A group approached us, offering their services at such a reasonable price that we couldn’t refuse.

When I say we built our home, I mean it in the truest sense. From digging the foundation and pouring concrete to framing, plumbing, wiring, and installing in-floor heating, we were fully immersed in every step of the process. Our methods were so innovative that they often surpassed contemporary standards. During inspections, inspectors marveled at our work, acknowledging its superiority and foresight.

Our commitment to this project was unwavering. I would go to my day job, return home, and immediately begin working on the house until late into the night, only to repeat the cycle the next day. Weekends were no exception; I’d start before dawn and continue working under artificial light well into the evening.

Undoubtedly, it was a period of significant imbalance. However, the payoff was immense. After just 14 months of relentless dedication to our home’s construction, we’ve been able to enjoy its comforts for over 12 years and counting.

Originally, the decision to construct our home independently stemmed from a family tradition: my father built his own, and my grandparents did the same. Of course, the prospect of significant cost savings also factored into our choice.

Reflecting on it now, I firmly believe that God guided us to undertake this incredible endeavor. He wanted to instill in me the unwavering belief that I’m capable of achieving anything I set my mind to. He needed to show me that ridicule from the world shouldn’t deter me; instead, it should ignite the flames of my determination.

Through this process, He prepared me for the challenges of entrepreneurship, teaching me that periods of imbalance are necessary for reaching extraordinary goals. As we bootstrap a multi-million-dollar business, I carry with me the invaluable lessons learned during the construction of our home—a testament to the power of perseverance and unwavering belief in oneself.

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