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Regulators, enforcement officials, and industry leaders gathered in one space for an entire week!

This week, I participated in the CVSA Workshop held in St. Louis, MO, which turned out to be a fantastic experience! FMCSA Administrator Martinez graced the event during its initial days, providing invaluable insights into the future direction of FMCSA. I had the privilege of discussing some of my personal queries with him. Throughout the workshop, numerous high-level personnel from FMCSA also attended, presenting an excellent networking opportunity. It’s not every day you get to interact with top enforcement officials from both the United States and Canada, alongside industry leaders and FMCSA representatives, all under one roof. Here are some key takeaways from the event that I believe will have a significant impact on transportation companies nationwide:

• CCMT, the Canadian Centre for Mobility and Technology, has highlighted their white paper on distracted driving, which has gained significant international recognition. I personally have reviewed this document and find it to be rich with valuable information.

• The implementation of the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse is scheduled for January 6, 2020. It will mandate that all employees conduct an annual query for each DOT drug-tested driver. Additionally, new drivers must log in to a forthcoming website and grant permission to employers to access their results. The Medical Review Officer (MRO) is responsible for reporting failed tests, while companies must report refusals. Lastly, all new drivers must undergo checks before operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV).

• DOT Secretary Chao has submitted new Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, but FMCSA is currently unable to provide specific details about the recommendations. They have emphasized referring back to the comments submitted during the September/October period.

• The International Roadcheck Week is scheduled for June 4–6. This year, enforcement will concentrate on inspecting steering and suspension components. Discussions for 2020 include the potential focus on distracted driving and driver credentials during that week.

• Brake Inspection Week is scheduled for September 15–21, focusing this year on brake lines and hoses.

• Safe Driver Week will occur from July 14 to 20, with a focus on combating distracted driving, particularly concerning hand-held devices.

• CSA’s are undergoing a transformation into an IRT program and are currently in the testing phase.

• DataQ will undergo updates soon, so anticipate changes. If you have specific preferences or suggestions regarding the website (such as reports or user-friendliness), now is the time to communicate with FMCSA at

  • Hazmat inspections cannot be conducted during a level 3 inspection. If you encounter such inspections, it’s advisable to submit them to DATAQ promptly.

  • There are discussions for the inclusion of a hazmat blitz week in the CVSA’s enforcement efforts for 2020.

  • CVSA is contemplating sending a letter to FMCSA proposing that supervisory drug and alcohol training should be renewed every 3 years instead of being a lifetime requirement.

  • CVSA has recently unveiled its 2019 out-of-service criteria book and app. It could be beneficial to have these resources available for your fleet employees working on CMVs, providing additional training opportunities in vehicle maintenance across the company.

Here’s a concise rewrite:

“This provides a summary of key workshop insights that could impact your company this week. The Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse was a prominent topic discussed by FMCSA members. I highly encourage industry professionals to attend CVSA meetings and workshops for valuable networking opportunities across North America.”

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